Friday, 26 March 2010

It's such a small world, especially on the net

I love this world of blog. It makes everything, and everyone, seem so near.
Take my post from yesterday about our trip to Government House. With the one degree of separation that exists in Hobart, by morning tea time this morning, I had received word that His Excellency had read my blog post, was happy with what I'd written, and had suggested additional photos be sent to me to add to my blog, in order that my Rita-readers could see more improved graphics of what we saw there yesterday, when stupid Rita neglected to take her camera along on the tour!
My grateful thanks to all at Government House who assisted with facilitating this.

On a separate note, trawling through the blogasphere the other day, I chanced on a Melbourne food blog I hadn't seen before. I read through some of the guy's posts and added a comment to his most recent post which was about Matt Preston's new book. I popped back there tonight to see if he had responded, to find, to my huge surprise, a response from the great man himself! Yes, Matt Preston had provided a detailed reply to the blogger's criticism about not needing to use a recipe!

Good on Matt Preston, and good on blogger Matt! Well, maybe it's one degree of separation for mainlanders too!

If you're curious - here is the link:
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Rita II said...

Rita - I'm sure you know this but anyway.... I was just having a look at the Governor's diary on the Govt. House website (for work) and noticed your visit listed. When I looked further, they have added your whole blog post to their website!! Congratulations!!!