Saturday, 8 May 2010

MasterChef - Master of WHAT?

Look – I’m as big a fan of MC as the next foodophile, but, hell – what a massive wankfest was last night’s Masterclass episode?

I managed to be flitting in and out of the room during the sausage roll making, but I sat down in utter disbelief for George’s version of a hamburger!

A deconstructed hamburger? For the kids? WTF?

Any self-respecting Australian would have hurled their thong at the TV when the camera focused on his finished plate of food, which he idealistically called his version of a hamburger! Grinding the oven-hardened sesame burger bun into tiny crumbs and calling it “soil” then dusting it over the side of the meat? Oven-roasting the beetroot, then bamixing it with fetta and piping it into fanciful random ‘dollops’ on the plate as the obligatory beetroot component of the ‘burger’? Omigod!

Get a grip George! Can you guys let it go, please?


Anonomouse said...

I agree. That style of food is great if you are dining out and want a totally intellectual, cereberal experience while you dine out. But for the average home cook, or the cook who doesn't have specialised equipment, it's a total waste of time and money. Who has the time to make that kind of stuff? Put it this way, a commercial kitchen will have a team of 20 chefs to do a dish like that properly. And there are enough kitchens who still can't do it well despite having that team... And not every kitchen can afford that equipment. Water baths like that are thousands of dollars each. A vacuum machine is thousands of dollars also. It's tossy bs that is no good for the home cook.

Well said Rita!

Tassiegal said...

This is why missing Fridays on MC does not bother me.

Sami said...

But then there are some of us who have already made two of the dishes and will make another two tomorrow night.

Yes, the burger was a bit out there, but some of us like to stretch our culinary muscle and try something new, even if it is just one of the techniques used. Don't have a water bath - use a frypan or saucepan, and guess what, you can buy a cryovac from the shops - I've got one, but did you hear? They suggested a snap lock bag as an alternative.

It is not about - 'hey cook this tonight', it is some top of the line restaurant dishes with many techniques that can be used and adapted in the home kitchen. And there is every possibility that that dish can be easily recreated in the family kitchen if you so desire. Take it for what it is - entertainment with a few tips thrown in.

Barry said...

Totally agree Rita
Georges Wank burger should have been called-Thats not a fucken burgers arsehole mate.
Little bits of this sploges of that-Hello, where's the bloody bread george?
I thought the Greeks are sposed to know how to make a friggin burger?
If I was the judge on that show I'd had that little bald C-nt in tears after he'd dared show me that travesty!

Christina said...

I agree with Tassiegal on this.
I love the show but if I miss Friday's, which I usually do, I'm not too fussed.
I love Sami's take on it though.
Go Sami. If I had the time I would probably try more stuff, but I'm definately going to give the beef wellington from the first week a shot. As soon as I can afford a great piece of beef!

Anonymous said...

Those that are likely to cook deconstructed food at home are already totally 'there' in their knowledge and interest in the 'how-to' of deconstructed food, but granted you can never get enough knowledge of whatever you are interested in. I'm all for entertainment, after all, that's exactly why I watch MC anyway.
What I objected to, with that particular concept of a burger, is the dumbing up of this dish (=the opposite of dumbing down! I just made that up!).
A burger is a burger is a burger. It's an iconic dish. It can be made beautifully (using fabulous ingredients) or shockingly (as a money-making exercise using the cheapest shortcuts and methods - think the Scottish version?).
George's was most definitely no way a burger by any stretch of the imagination. It could have been a great meatloaf, or picnic dish, if you took away the deconstructed presentation, but to qualify as a hamburger - forget it!
I know both you girls are passionate home cooks (who, btw, could give most of the participants on MC a good run for their money), but I have to challenge you on this one, sorry! Rita

bri said...

The 'hamburger' wasn't for the kids, it was George's take on the hamburger challenge that they did earlier in the week.

It was a bit out there, yes, but I think it's a fantastic example of encouraging the contestants to think outside the box and open their minds to what is possible in these challenges.

That sort of dish is not at all uncommon in top Sydney/Melbourne restaurants.

I love Masterchef :)

Anonymous said...

But a hamburger it was not. So why call it one?

Jewelry Bishop said...

Reality TV is never what it seems. Get over it.

Hamster said...

Mark Preston - you be the judge.

Christina said...

Anon 2:21 on latest post - you be the judge!

Christina said...

Did any one else notice in last nights competition, that all the produce was highly publicised as being bought at Coles, a sponser of the show, then Callum declared the filo to be out of date!
Wonder how happy Coles are that was included!