Tuesday, 15 June 2010

That's right, that's right, that's country life....has the taste that's right! (What was that ad for?)

I asked cobber Steve Cumper how his Country Style Award Winners Lunch, which happened last Sunday 13th June at RVL, went. He reports it went off without a hitch and he is really proud of his staff, the food and the way the day went generally, with many of the 80 guests coming specially from interstate to attend this lunch. To quote Steve, “the room sparkled”, and I think that just about says it all really, don’t you?

Well done Steve.

His menu:

Canap├ęs with bubbly
Vol au vents with Tongola cheese & artichoke
Vol au vents with new season scallop & anchovy mayo

Sourdough with fresh churned butter, sea salt & native pepper

Shared platter of chicken liver parfait, red wine jelly.
Duck neck sausage, turnip remoulade

Shared platter of rabbit with tarragon & mustard veloute, potato gnocchi, silverbeet & parmesan
Honey roasted parsnips & crumbled fetta

Duck egg & lemon sponge pudding with pot roasted quince, vanilla custard & thick cream

Sounds gorgeous, and I’m kicking myself I didn’t go along now. Well, Steve, you’d better win something else, so we can get another chance for a fabulous lunch!
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Hazel said...

It does sound all incredibly tasty-I hope that some of it will feature on his current winter menu and we'll try and get down there and visit. I'm glad to hear it went off without a hitch, hope the publicity for Steve and his team at RVL continues to build the popularity of the restaurant, although not so much that we won't be able to get in! (very selfish of me I know). Glad to see you're back blogging.

Anonymous said...

Rita, I was there and it really knocked our socks off. We came with a group from the midlands and I haven't had such a lovely lunch since we went to rural Italy two years ago. Bellisimo!

Rita said...

Hi Hazel - thanks for your comment. I agree with you that for purely selfish reasons I hope I'll always be able to pop in to eat at RVL! Other places I love, like Taste at Bahai, now prove difficult to pop in to depending on when you want to pop in, due to popularity! Damn! Don't you just hate success!
Anon 7.01 - glad you made the effort and went along, and also that you so obviously enjoyed yourselves.

steve said...

Thanks Rita & Hazel-We were all very happy with the outcome. We are organizing another event & will keep you posted.

GM said...

Cygnet was pumping yesterday I think the market was on, you couldnt get a park anywhere! Saw the Gourmet farmer walking down the street!! The Velvet Lounge looked very busy people lined up like a nightclub to get in! This town is becoming a real hotspot Rita!

Anonymous said...

Nice article by Steve BTW in the latest Country Style. Lee Christmas, his business partner Lydia Nettlefold and Annie Ashbolt also in it-Go TAS!

Chris Griffiths said...

I vaguely remember that jingle. I think Country Life was a brand of cigarettes.

Chris Griffiths said...

Country Life was a brand of cigarette.