Friday, 17 September 2010

Tassie as a holiday destination

Rita has had a change of career path and job, and is working in reception at a city backpackers. This career change is a long-held ambition which has now been realized, and which I am very much enjoying, whilst finding myself in yet another scenario which observes our hospitality industry from another totally different viewpoint.

The assorted number of interstate and overseas visitors to our fair state all arrive with a number of conceptions, and misconceptions, about Tasmania. They all share the common theme of wanting (and having paid money for) to see and experience what life here is like: what Tasmania as a state has to offer; what our landscape looks like; what we as Tasmanians are like; what our locally grown produce is all about; what our restaurants are like. Basically, it’s about looking and eating!

I have yet to meet, at my workplace in the three weeks I have been working there, someone who is departing the state disenchanted with Tassie. In fact I have met at least 6 people who have decided to relocate here, sheerly because of the beauty of the place, the friendliness of the inhabitants and the ease of getting around here.

I have had some of the most riveting conversations with guests, which have resulted in a renewed love for, and pride in, my state. Having said that, there are so many more ways we could capitalize on what we have, and ways for current business owners to value-add to their profit margin, if they just sat down and had a strategic think about their markets.

Far be it from me to tell others how to run their businesses, but I see a few gaps in service delivery which, had I the requisite money, youth and enthusiasm, I would hasten to fill.

The naturalness of the environment can only do so much of the work to attract visitors to Tassie. It’s the human capital which has to take over after nature has done its work, and that’s where we, as locals, seem to fall a bit flat.

Come on Tassie! Step up!

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Anonymous said...

So Rita, is your nearest restaurant now the famous Dumpling world?


simon cordwell said...

Good on you Rita sounds like you are having fun. I found the same thing while at Cradle Mountain Lodge talking to the guests from the mainland and over seas. The one common theme was to experience Tassie and the wonderfull produce that they have been hearing about. I would love to catch up for a chat about this, dare I say over a coffee, as you are well aware of my feelings on this subject. And soon I will be in a position to help deliver this on a grand scale.

Kris said...

Sometimes Tasmanians forget that we're lucky enough to live in the best place in the world!

steve said...

Rita I can not think of a better ambassador or spokesperson for Tasmania's hospitality industry than you.

Your enthusiasm, passion and commitment to this industry is without peer as far as I'm concerned. Your blog is a great resource for anyone wanting to explore the dining scene in Tasmania. That yours is almost exclusively an unpaid appraisal makes it more compelling, you being the piper that calls your own tune. A rare thing in this day an age is an unbought opinion and I know personally that you ruminate considerably the effects of your articles.

Can I say as an avid reader of your blog that its remarkable that there seems to be a vocal presence who seem to excercise frequently their right to run the dining scene/staff/businesses/service etc down in Tasmania

Whilst I agree with much of the sentiment, I am finding the tone more negative than helpful or suggestive of detailed alternatives.

I operate a small business that employs a significant number of local people in a rural locale who depend on me for their income.

Other businessess in our town, indirectly benefit from our business being successful so much depends on how we deliver our service /food etc.

As someone who strives hard within the confines unique to running a rural hopitality business in this state, I dont think comparing here to there is realistic as Tasmania has its own peculiar challenges that become apparent when you are totally responsable for a business.

It is always easier to comment freely without the burden of financial involvement.

Believe me, many seasoned operators start with high minded ideals only to be ground down by the multi pronged reality that operaing a hospitality business in this state can affect.

Anyway, my heartfelt congratulations on the new appointment, your talents are finally being recognized, well done you!

regards Steve

Victor Khoo said...

Congrats, Rita! I am so happy that you are finally doing it! How long ago since we caught up and you were thinking about this new job? Glad it has come true.

Prickle :) said...

Sounds VERY interesting Rita .. In my work I deal with a lot of small businesses (a couple in tourism) and would love to know where you see the the gaps .. my operators are keen to make their businesses successful.

Prickle :) said...

Oh ... just to clarify .. I (we) provide a free service to clients .. so any info provided would be passed on gratis

Rita said...

No, P, am not at that one! Closest eatery to me would probably be Eumarrah.
Simon - great idea - I'll call you next week.
Kris - you're absolutely correct, and it's nice to see you still pop in to check out R's B occasionally!
Steve - welcome back, and thanks so much for those beautiful, complimentary words about me. I totally agree about operators getting ground down, and also that links back to what Victor said on his post this morning anout govt departments and people relaxing into their secure jobs where nothing presents a challenge any more, and things (in govt depts) continue along mindlessly.
Victor - yes, it has been an interesting time, and I'm happy to be doing what I'm doing now. We should catch up again soon.
Prickle - thanks for your comments. I am happy to provide thoughts. Will compose soemthing soon re that.

Anonomouse said...

So what do the local chefs think should/needs to be done?

Anonymous said...

From my own point of view I'm happy the way my business is performing. There will always be things I'd like to change/adress/fix etc.

Frankly I dont see what all the fuss is about.

Provide food/service/ambience that people like and things work themselves out.

Anonymous said...

Tassies fine just the way it is. Good businessess thrive, lesser ones fade to grey. Stop bleating about it. Just go to the places that you like, dont bother with the rest. Survival of the fittest as they say

Tassiegal said...

Rita if you are working at the backpackers I THINK you are working at I think its high time we stopped our online conversations and had one face to face!

Anonymous said...

I work in a Tas restaurant. We are busy, very busy.
We all work hard to be very professional, our food is innovative and uses much local produce. We even have small producer ciders & the red wine that has the olive oil on top-ie we are of the now.
Please stop banging on about how bad Tas is-some of us R trying-Tricycle, Pigeon Hole, garagistes, red velvet, lotus eaters, villeno, plum, piccalilly, 373, montys, henry jones etc

bri said...

^ "small producer ciders" will get me to your restaurant quick smart! Who are you...?