Friday, 15 October 2010

Gotta love those tip-offs!

This blog, as well as being my own personal diary of my thoughts, should be a forum for suggestions and ideas themed by food and produce. So when I receive intelligent and well thought out emails from people highlighting both good and bad aspects of that related theme, I like to share them with my readers.

Hence I am sharing the email below, from an ex-co-worker of mine, who quite rightly assumed I would be interested in hearing about her recent experience of eating out. Once again, I am publishing her email verbatim:

"We were down at White Beach yesterday, scoping out shack property, and called into Lucky Ducks in Nubeena. Have you been? If not, definitely mark it as a place to visit if ever down that way.

It's run by 2 guys (Kelly & Grant). I can't remember which one is the chef, but almost everything is made on premises, and they use local wherever possible.

I had the Farmers Lunch - absolutely top-notch. Particularly the 12 hour marinated mushrooms - I actually needed a quiet moment when I was eating those, they were so good. Kids had the most petite little homemade party pies, rustic looking and gorgeous, and Ollie was a little concerned about the carrot in his (win for nutrition, haha).

We took home some pies to heat for dinner last night, and they were equally as good. Lamb Tagine, and Trevally. I loved the Trevally especially, not usually a fan of fish pies.Anyway, it was seriously so good that I had to come on here and see if you'd be down, and what you'd thought!"

I love getting others' feedback, particularly as it mostly reflects local groundswell opinion, and provides us all with ideas, and reliable information on what's happening somewhere we would otherwise not know about.

So - I urge anyone who might be travelling down the Tasman Peninsula way to pop into Lucky Ducks at Nubeena and check them out. I certainly will be getting there as soon as I can. Thanks, Al!
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Kate said...

Not really a tip off Rita, but the new all improved AWOL Cafe in Barrack Street is a delight. I had the freshest, tasty ploughman's sandwich served with a beautiful coffee made by top barrista Danni (ex Lansdowne Cafe)served at the sun drenched window. I was a real delight.

Dinner last night at Garagistes. Plus: fabulous intriguing dishes that seemed small but packed a punch and the luxury of tasting French wines. Not so good: the icy draft from the door every time someone came in and the drone of hand dryers from the nearby toilets. On balance? A wonderful, if airy experience.

cheeky1 said...

Hey Rita love your site, but can you bring up another topic to bring the claws its been quite boring the last couple of weeks... I miss Sir Grumpys lovely dry humour.. And wheres anomonouse . keep up the good work

Rita said...

Thanks Kate. Glad to hear from someone who has been to both new AWOL and Garagistes.
Hi Cheeky1 - I was just thinking that identical thought myself this afternoon, as I read back through a few old posts! Have you got any suggestions of possible controversial topics we can get hot under the collar about? We need some excitement on this blog!

Anonymous said...

Hey cheeky1 you want claws? Just mention peppermint bay!! Haha

Rita said...

Mention PB, by all means - just don't get slanderous and personal about it!
PB currently seems like an enigma to me (judging by the tone of emails I've received, and comments that have been made to me), but as I haven't been there since the Paul Foreman era, I can't comment.

Anonymous said...

Rita, just start a thread on Kingston .... Every time someone even mentions Kingston, we end up in an amusing debate!

Kate said...

Rita may I suggest that you include a google map link when you refer to a town or restaurant or event. It would be ever so handy for those of us who are new here!

Glad to have found your blog.

Anonymous said...

Rita nice contol on your blog. Now telling people what and what not to mention or who not to mention. What makes you think I am interested in slandering another one ofbTassies best quality food spots.......ha ha
Told you anom 1016 you got claws and from the author....ha ha

Rita said...

Thank you Anon 11.06. If you read beneath the "Leave your comment" warning, prior to adding any of your comments, you will see that on my blog, I have stated quite plainly and realistically that I encourage people to "..leave a long or short comment, however be aware that off-topic comments will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and deleted if they derail the discussion. Hostile or malicious comments will be deleted regardless".

All comments such as I have recently deleted on this blog will be dealt with in this manner, and yes, I actually DO exercise control over my blog (as does every blogger in the world), and the way we discuss things. That's what happens in life Anon.

At my work, we encourage guests to have fun, and party as they want, but not to bring the party back to where all the other guests are sleeping and relaxing. It is our responsibility to ensure EVERYONE is looked after, not just one or two. I see the same here on this blog. It's not about you, or me. It's about respectfully enabling anyone who wants to, to participate in whatever online discussion we're having.