Monday, 18 October 2010

Second Bite's a winner, baby, that's alright!

Referring back to my post of 6 September this year, I exhorted everyone to support the wonderful not-for-profit organisation Second Bite, and cast a vote for them in the 2010 Banksia Awards, and to my great delight, just received an email confirming that Second Bite was the 2010 Banksia Community Grant Winner.

At the time they were up for a few awards, unfortunately missed out on the People's Choice and Paddock to Plate awards, but I'm overjoyed they received the Community Grant award - which is $10,000.

Well done Second Bite. May you go from strength to strength!
Posted on by Rita


The Passionate Gardener said...

Great news for the Second Bite organisation. I did some work for them a few years ago and the are a truly inspirational group helping so many people.

Benjamin said...

Hey. That's great news. I remember your post, and had wondered what had happened. Sure the money will go to good use.