Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Where's Rita?

As well as starting a totally new career path recently doing reception at a backpackers, Rita has been offered the job of Food Editor at Tasmanian Life magazine – as a direct result of this blog.

This has lead to my interviewing three diverse but extremely interesting local hospitality identities last week.

The first was Matt Alcorso – Head Chef at Catch Restaurant. The second was Sean Dunn, Marketing guru for Boks Bacon, and the third was Geoff Copping – owner of Blue Skies Restaurant. I also met and had a great (albeit brief) chat with Sally Legosz, Director of Herbaceous Tours. I will write more about those chats here soon.

Added to that, I popped along to the fundraising (for the Tasmanian devil population preservation) Devil of a Dinner Divine Degustation at the Elizabeth Function Centre last night – starring Tetsuya cooking first and main courses, and featuring other of my favourite chefs: Matt Starkey (Monty’s), Iain Todd (Piccalilly) and Paul Foreman, as well as Aaron Gillespie from Launceston (ex HGC), and Will Goodman (Function Centre) - both of whom I didn't know but am sure I'd like if I ate their food!

I didn’t eat, but was there to report for Tasmanian Life on the evening – from Rita’s perspective. I’m still forming those perceptions, but gained some great side-stories. $180,000 was raised (to help the devils) from this dinner - what a massive amount - and well done to all concerned.

From the above, you will understand why it is that Rita has been so silent online recently. Hopefully that will change as I get my head around this new Food Editing direction.

Today at the backpackers, a representative from Lonely Planet came in to check us out. We had a lovely chat about food in Hobart, and after our chat I recommended he try Blue Eye for dinner tonight – my fingers are crossed that they didn’t let me down, and that he loved it!
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Michelle said...

Hooray Rita! Congratulations! This is jubilant news.

Very happy for you


Hazel said...

Congratulations Rita - look forward to reading your articles IN PRINT! :)

steve said...

Congratulations Rita! Who says blogging leads to nothing? Well done you.

Brett Atkinson said...

Hi Rita

Blue Eye last night very good - have also just had a Scotch egg at Taste - very impressed - definitely going back for the scallops



Snuva said...

Lots of exciting things happening for you! How wonderful. :-D

Hoping you settle into your new role soon so you'll stop neglecting us. ;-) You even admit this is what got you where you are.

Rita said...

Thanks,all,for your good wishes. I hope it all goes as well as this blog has....we'll see...
Brett - thanks for commenting - and I'm SO relieved both places I wholeheartedly endorsed didn't let me down! Yes - go back for the scallops. Not a huge serving but beautiful.

Victor said...

Congrats, Rita! That is the most wonderful and exciting news.

sir grumpy said...

Well done, Rita, one is super chuffed for you.

Christina said...

Oh yay you!
I'm so pleased for you.
The perfect person for the job.

Tassiegal said...

There is no one more deserving.

Cartouche said...

One subscribes to this magazine. Looks like we may end up with that face to face interview some time in the future after all, could be a laugh,
Have to say to anybody out there who has not read this magazine, it is a very well put together and interesting read. The current edition has a great article on Tasmanias wild seas and turbulent weather.
I think this is a terrific opportunity for you and an amazing vehicle for you to showcase all thats good about here.

bloody good on you, can't wait to read you when the next edition gets out.


Kris said...

Well done! I'm very happy for you. You will be even more feared across the kitchens of our fair isle... ;)

Anonymous said...

about time ... congratulations bf you deserve this ... all the best ..

Rita said...

Thank god you learned how to add a comment to my blog!

Rita said...

BTW - my last comment was meant for bf Anon above!