Wednesday, 29 December 2010

O woe is me!

“All I want for Christmas is my sense of taste”…..yep, that’s what I SHOULD have been singing on Christmas Eve when finally released from RHH Cardio ward, again, after a week of treatments attempting to get my heart beat back to normal – all of which failed!

They let me go home for Christmas accompanied by a heavy-duty load of tablets to treat all my symptoms.

And now – horror of horrors for someone who enjoys their food so much, and likes to blog about it – a dire loss of taste, due, maybe to the medication, or the operation last week which involved having my mouth and throat anaesthetized, or maybe due to having been defibrillated. Who knows, but the end result is that things which I know with certainty have a specific flavour or taste, now taste like poison.

What can I do? Well, for a start, I won’t be writing about food which I personally have eaten. I won’t go out as much. It is a devastating blow for Rita, and I apologise in advance for the lack of personal food experiences to be found on this blog, possibly over the next few months.

So – a solution is required. My daughter dined out last night (without me, as I just couldn’t bring myself to join she and her friends) at the newly renovated gastropub Brunswick. According to them (2 chefs and daughter Bec), the food was fantastic, and the renovation ditto.

We’ll venture along to Taste some time, but obviously that will be a half-hearted effort from Rita.

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Nuf Sed said...

Great to see you back, Rita!

The Hungry Boy said...

Wishing you and your taste buds a speedy recovery. Vlad.

Anonymous said...

glad your back.. dont worrie about your taste buds you can now get a job with the mercury.. GP has worked without being able to taste for years

Anonymous said...

Anon you fool .... If you can actually read, have a look at what GP writes and then you will realise that he can taste things.

Anonymous said...

ha.. dont believe everything you read

Anonymous said...

Did I miss something...isn't the blog post about the brunswick not GP? why does he brought up into every discussion? Focus people...

Cartouche said...

Happy New year, and never have I meant so sincerely that I wish you good health. In Scotland the cry of 'slange' (good health), in chinese . kung yee fah choy (I wish you money), and in the Aussie, "On ya' Either way enjoy 2011.

(apologies for any dialect spellings).

Happy new year.


Susannah said...

Hope the taste buds get back into action soon, Rita.

I think I remember reading once that Elizabeth David suffered some medical complications that resulted in her losing some of her sense of taste. There are a few things in life that would be worse, but not many!

Wishing you a speedy recovery, and all the best for 2011.


Whitey said...

Hope you are getting better!

Anonymous said...

Had heard amazing things about The Brunswick Hotel. Amazing local food by the great local chef Justin. Loved it so much ate there a few times. Tried a lot of the entrees and none disappointed. The BBQ ribs, and the calamari were the highlights. Same goes for mains. Really can't make a bad choice. All at great prices, with a brand new stylish and classy setting. Loved it!!

Christina said...

so I'd like to make a booking but can't find the phone number, help please!

Christina said...

Well don't worry about my last comment because I just found the number, and in relation to your newer post Rita, they don't take bookings!
I've been assured we will get a table for four at 6.30pm, so lets hope we do.
Does make me wonder why though?
Why not accept bookings?
If any one can shed any light I'd appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Garagistes don't take bookings. Ball & Chain don't usually take bookings.
Maybe if you aim to be full and cater for that expectation you end up being full!
Both those places seem to be successfull!


Anonymous said...

We go early to the Ball & Chain like around 6PM (pensioner time I know)but if you don't want to wait or have a drink (I can't drink much) it's the only option. As for Garagistes I will get there eventually but will probably have to go in a party of 4 as just rocking up as a twosome wanting a nice meal leaves you feeling a bit out of place on those communal tables.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand what is so good about the ball and chain

- Refuse to take group bookings
- Visited three times now, steak is always over cooked no matter how you ask for it
- If no tables available you need to stand at the bar amongst bogans and drink

Christina said...

Dinner at the Brunswick was certainly lovely.
At the moment it's quite small but after chatting with some staff was told they will be extending the dining area soon. I did forget to ask about the no bookings policy though. At 6.30 we were just about the first ones to arrive but by the time we left a couple of hours later the place was packed!

Four us shared two entrees, beef rib, barbecue sauce with lemon and rabbit, pork and ham hock terrine with pear pickle.
The boys loved the ribs and we "ladies" enjoyed the terrine immensely, the pear pickle really perfect for this dish. Even Phil declared it "not bad for spam". I must say it was the nicest terrine I've had.
For mains we had Cape Grim Rump, hand cut fries, tabasco butter,horseradish - verdict lovely but not big enough
Pale Ale battered Trevalley, remoulade and semolina chips - absolutely beautiful the semolina a highlight
Trevalla, asparagus, dauphine potato, spinach puree - Mum loved it
Duck Breast, pickled cherries, parsnip and orange - parsnip puree and cherries perfect, a little more sauce would lift this dish heaps
we also shared a bowl of the hand cut fries and I'm sure Steve and Sir G would have love them.
A nice bottle of Bream Creek, glass of Chardy, a few beers and for just over $200 for four, a great night.
The atmosphere was really good, staff really friendly, we'd definately go back.