Saturday, 8 January 2011

Farewell Piccalilly, but a big welcome to BP Steakhouse and Ethos Eat Drink

Looks like life as we currently know it at Piccalilly restaurant in Battery Point is about to change. An email I received yesterday from Iain Todd, talented chef/owner there, tells me of the following exciting plans for their future:

"Hi Rita. I have news for you. You may have heard rumours of a few changes at Piccalilly.
I don't know what you have heard because there are a lot of different stories going around so here it is!

Piccalilly is closing on the 18th of February 2011.

On the Piccalilly site there will be an up-market steakhouse called The Battery Point Steakhouse specialising in beef. Dry aged, small producer stuff, cooked to perfection.

We also have a new site in the city. 100 Elizabeth Street.

It's a carriageway, stable-yard and stable constructed around 1820. It's very special and has been nothing but a dump for the last 80 or so years.

The new site will be called Ethos Eat Drink and will be more-or-less tapas. Not Spanish/Mediterranean tapas but modern tapas where we can take influence from anywhere we like, much like Piccalilly's food.

Expect to see the same sorts of flavours and techniques as Piccalilly but in a much more relaxed setting with no linen, lots of food friendly wine and fun service.

We are having plates made by young potter Tom Welch so it should be pretty exciting!

Construction is due to finish late in Feb so we should get in there and open by early March if all goes to plan.

I have hired two head chefs so that I can split my time, and both have serious pedigrees, however I will have to announce who they are at a later date to keep you guessing!

Ethos will also have a very strong ethical standpoint (hence the name). We have some land for our own garden, which should get going ASAP. We are using all low emission, low consumption equipment and focusing on ethical meat etc."

Well Iain - it all sounds very exciting, and I can't wait to eat at both venues.
Posted on by Rita


The Hungry Boy said...

The steak house sounds awesome, can't wait to try some dry-aged beef! Keep us updated Rita.

sir grumpy said...

Sounds good, Where about is 100 Elizabeth?
And will they cook a steak well done for Mr and Mrs Philistine, also known as Sir Grumpy and Lady Fair?
By the way, getting bespoke crockery sounds good, but watch the outlay.
I always worry new places overspend and don't ever make it back.
London restaurants are classic for this. Art, decor, cutlery, crockery, glassware etc.
Better to do something just smart but not overmuch and let the cooking do the talking.
Then, if funds permit, by all means change up for better.
But good luck from me.

Rita said...

HB - am going to look at it next week, so will keep you posted indeed!
I googled 100 Eliz St, Sir G. It's roughly opposite Radio Rentals, and just round the corner from the Bathurst St/Eliz St intersection.
You'd hope they would cook their steaks whichever way their customers want, however if they can provide a decent reason why they suggest you should try it a different way, I myself would be more than happy to go along with that suggestion, and have done so in the past.
I'm sure Iain has looked at all the costings upfront, so don't worry too much about his bespoke crockery.

Anonymous said...


just behind tommy gun records in the courtyard - its near the rusty old shed roof at the back of the courtyard.
The entrance on Elizabeth st was a Carriage Way later filled in by a Barber which I believe is to be removed to allow access to the courtyard once again.


Victor said...

Foodtourist posted some photos of their premise on Twitter. Looking good. Rustic and old charm. Really can't wait. Exciting time with new venues opening soon, including a new Vietnamese restaurant - Sapa Rose!

The Hungry Boy said...

I'm sure they would cook well done but I bet if you listen close enough you will hear the chef cursing... and rightfully so.

ut si said...

That's it then. Moving to Hobart now.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Launceston has missed out again........bugger

bri said...

It's sad to farewell Piccalilly, but I'm look forward to the new ventures, especially Ethos!

Anonymous said...

Oyster Cove pub sold to the bloke who used to own the Ocean Child

Hazel said...

the steak house sounds excellent, can't wait to try it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rita, here's a sticky situation for you.

I have been advised by a staff member that they are unhappy with their rate of pay over The Taste event and seeing that they didn't receive any breaks over their two consecutive eight hour shifts they are seeking recompense.
As they were employed as perm part time under the new Fair Work awards, the hourly rate they are paid is different for Sat and Sun.

I am aware that for the 1/2 hr break that they were entitled to but missed out on I will have to pay 175% their hourly rate to recompensate them for missing out on said breaks.

I dont begrudge paying this.

What is troubling me though is that for the whole year I have employed this person ( we run a business all year round and try to make some money during The Taste to compensate for the rest of the year when it is very quiet) and all the other staff is the fact that I dont charge the staff for any meals, drinks, coffee or even knock off alcoholic drinks after a shift. I also paid a cash bonus for my staff who worked over The Taste. In short I absorb these costs.

I feel that though this person is legally entitled to get their award I am now less likely to offer them the free drinks and meals that I currently do to all the staff, which I am legally not bound to do. This is not what I want to do as I know it will change the ambience of our workplace. Do you or your readers thinks this is fair or equatable

sir grumpy said...

The other thing here is, wouldn't the bonus cover the time now claimed?
However, it would be better to make sure they take their breaks.
Better for them, the employer and the customer (who doesn't want a tired and possibly cranky employee!).

Anonymous said...

come on rita and sir grumpy time for a well done steak

Anonymous said...

Wayne Burke on of the chefs you've hired?

Anonymous said...

I was searching for degustation in hobart and was very excited to see Picalilly but upset to hear they are turning into a steakhouse! which im sure will be very nice but not what i was after - do you know if they will be doing degustation at the steakhouse or any others in Hobart to choose from?

Rita said...

Anon 12.19 - you still have a few weeks to get a dego meal at Piccalilly - they don't stop trading in the format we know and love till Feb 18th. Do yourself a favour and get there before they close.

Anonymous said...

Ethos is a-go-go, and it looks good. Coffee is great, decor is great, staff a bit hit and miss but early days yet... Now to go back and eat something!

Mrs Helpfull said...

Ethos-small serves, actually ridiculously small serves at brekkie. Lotsa kitchen staff(6) and lacklustre floor staff(2)
very cool attitude toward customers imo, Hmm one cant afford that kind of indifference esp when a new venture has started. Having said that, glad to see yet another business with training wheels being shown their shortcomings. Hopefully they will get over themselves enough to take stock. Lets wait and see...

Anonymous said...

Went there a week or so ago.
Ordered a bottle or red.
Was asked to try it, declined, when putting the red to the nose it smelt warm.
Pointed it out to the waiting staff, and they tried it and agreed. It turned out to "save space" they had a wine rack right next to a fridge.
The food was good and tasty, well presented, however when we finally got to the Bavouir, there was a tinted eye lash in it. They did the absolute correct thing and offered a free replacement and free coffee.
Over all, despite the negativity we will re visit.