Thursday, 30 June 2011

Farmers Market revisited

The food theme for those in the know these days seems to be an amazing new discovery - that ‘simple’ is best, thus validating a lifelong belief of mine  You don’t need to trick up food, and disguise its natural flavour, texture or taste whilst incorporating it in some complex dish which masks its natural fine flavour. Seafood is something that immediately springs to mind for me.

At Angassi a few years back, I pondered on the bastardisation of the naturally beautifully-flavoured abalone on their menu by pickling it, and serving it with lemongrass and chilli jam. To me that was heresy! Likewise those crazy Asians when they serve curried fish. If it was frozen fish I’d pop it in a curry with no qualms, but fresh fish, particularly flathead, I think is beautifully flavoured and needs absolutely no additions made to it, other than pan frying it in butter with a tad of lemon juice and seasonings maybe.

So you’ll appreciate my absolute delight to sample, at the Sunday Farmers Market a few weeks ago, a salmon sausage, containing 90% of salmon, and with the balance being fresh herbs.

I love the concept of sausages, but since childhood, when we called them ‘lips and snouts’ after a vet friend explained exactly what went into this convenience food, have rarely eaten one, and when I have, have felt extremely conscious of the fact that I was eating food there was no way I could sanction.

So – it was with great delight that I tasted the cooked sample of the salmon snag at the market. One mouthful and I was converted. They were absolutely stunning, and tasty. The frozen tray they sell at market contains 8 sausages, and costs out at approx $18 – a princely sum on the face of it, but costing it out at $2 per snag, and given that I approved 100% of the contents, made me feel way better about it.

At the Farmers Market, to complement our newly purchased snags, we bought some tiny new pink eye potatoes, and a bunch of baby carrots, and had the most delicious dinner ever.

Add to the satisfaction of the above purchases, the fact that Geeveston Japanese sushi master, Maasaki is in attendance, making sushi to order with your own selection of fillings (complete with freshly grated wasabi - a proud Tassie product), his own Inari, and THE most delicious miso soup ever eaten (last Sunday made with crayfish poaching stock, with the crayfish all ready to be added to your sushi if you so desired!).

The burger van at the Farmers Market also puts Burger got Soul to huge shame, with their ethically grown and farmed fillings being a marriage made in burger heaven, both meat and vegetarian.

I recommend you drag your lazy, Sunday-morning arses from that lovely warm bed, and get on down to the Sunday Farmers Market in the city (Melville St car park) between 9 am and 12, and eat a yummy brekky there, whilst observing life being lived by the purists amongst us who shop for their ethical and sustainable weekly food products. On second thoughts, DON’T come, as that means I will have way longer to stand in the queue for the sushi, and burgers!

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Snuva said...

How DARE you tell people to go!! I have enough trouble hauling my bottom there; don't make me wait in longer queues!!! ;-)

We're there every week for our brekkie BLTs and the coffee is fantastic. Being pregnant I only allow myself one coffee a week, and my Sunday morning farmers' market latte it is.

Plus of course great produce and other nice stalls. FiMBY's there monthly too with garden advice and produce fresh from clients' gardens!

Rita said...

Great to finally meet you last week there Snuva! I think we're both safe from the Sunday morning snoozers though - these winter mornings in Hobart are a test of many things, chief amongst them would have to be foregoing the Sunday morning sleep-in!

Deb C said...

I love the idea of farmers markets but live 45 minutes north of town so a trip in on a Sunday would need a great deal of motivation. It does beggar to question, however, why smaller outlying rural areas with an abundance of fresh produce on their doorsteps (Franklin, New Norfolk, Dunally, Oatlands for example) don't run a monthly Farmers market showcasing local produce. I buy many of my vegetables from the two locals growing and selling them in my town and I think it's a large untapped market that should be looked at. That way we could all enjoy a farmers market, it might not be as upmarket as the Melville Street one with miso, sushi and salmon snags but it would have fresh, local produce. Just a thought... Online Access Centres should look at this idea...

sir grumpy said...

You're getting a bit heavy here, Rita, with all that purists, ethics and sustainability.
I'll take the Sunday lie-in, thanks!
Leave you hair-shirters to your burgers and brekky.

Rita said...

Only wrote it to ferret you out Sir G - have missed you way too much! You keep your lie-in!

sir grumpy said...

I put one on coupla days ago, Rita, but pushed wrong buttons and got Anonymous.
I'll try to find it and put my hand up!
I remember, it was about those lonely looking bits of food on vast plates at Garagistes. I was trying to start a (good-natured) row!

steve said...

S.N.A.G.s = Snouts Nuts And Guts. That is all.