Monday, 22 August 2011

New hospitality training app

(From Hospitality Magazine Newsletter)

New app provides on-hand training for drinks staff
17 August 2011

Training for bar staff and baristas just got easier, with the launch of a new iPhone app, Formula, which allows hospitality workers to source practical information and training across the beer, coffee, spirits and soft drinks beverage categories.

The app contains more than 50 videos and 200 images, was created by Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA) and is available for download for 99 cents.

John Murphy, managing director of the Licensed Division at CCA said, "We spent a lot of time and invested significantly in this application because of the strong feedback we received from our customers, who told us that they wanted 'zero brand paraphernalia', practical training information delivered in a mobile in an easy to understand format".

The app can help hospitality staff to:
·                     Change a keg and provides solutions to common beer pouring problems
·                     Make coffee professionally from start to finish, from tamping and dosing to putting the finishing touches on a macchiato
·                     Understand the major spirit categories, how to describe them and how to sell them
·                     Make consistent drinks every time by providing step by step instructions
·                     Understand the fundamentals of beer – how to talk about it, serve it correctly, what it tastes like and what food goes with it
·                     Show off your bar tricks to entertain your guests
·                     Fix tricky situations - when things go wrong with your coffee, beer or post-mix equipment
·                     Clean and maintain the important beverage serving equipment in your venue

The application will be released for Android later in the year.
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Anonymous said...

Smacks of product placement? McCoffee anyone?

Anonymous said...

Coca-Cola operations manual DISGUISED AS A TRAINING MANUAL by the looks and they make you pay for it!! How best look after their product. Save your 99cents Coca-Cola don't need it

Rita said...

It wouldn't be about Coca Cola per se, both Anons. Think of all the times you've had crap service from a waitperson, and maybe you'll change your tune. I think you're not crediting people with enough
intelligence to not realise Cocoa Cola might make something out of the deal, but who cares? Consumers are always going to buy/drink Coke products, but if the hospitality training app is going to ultimately assist me to be on the receiving end of better service and product knowledge, then I'm all for it!

Paige Matthews said...

Wow this is truly helpful! Since almost the rest of the world is using iPhone, this app is just the next best thing to help baristas as well as those who are planning to become one learn the basics straight from their phones!

Oh I still remember playing that bartender game in iPhone. It was fun and pretty challenging!

Agrodolce said...

You can't learn how to make good coffee (or bad for that matter) from a bloody phone app. Your average trained Barista has made between 20 to 30 thousand coffees before they are considered competant.

Rita said...

I agree with you, Agro, that an iphone app shouldn't be the main source of ANY knowledge, but in certain situations, in the absence of no one to train an employee, surely even an iphone app is better than the person fumbling round ineptly? I've been up the coast wanting a drink, with the sole (new) waitperson totally bamboozled by the coffee machine! I would have paid the 99 cents myself to download the app for her in that situation!

Anonymous said...

just wondering why you, and steve, don,t have links to stephen estcourts' blog anymore?

Anonymous said...

Who is Steven Estcourt?

steve said...

Dear Rita,
Good luck and my very best wishes for your op tomorrow. My thoughts are with you for a speedy recovery.
x Steve

Rita said...

Thanks Steve. I appreciate your wishes. Will call you soon....xx

Christina said...

Hope all went well Rita, you are in our thoughts. xxx

Rita said...

Christina - spent a week and half in hospital in Melb, but I was in such poor condition they wouldn't do the operation. I have to return in December for it! Bugger! Returned from Melb yesterday, and am looking forward to a few lovely meals out - for therapy, of course!

sir grimpy said...

Look after yourself Rita...I was waiting for a post on your situation.
Get well soon.

Rita said...

Thanks Sir G. Am trying to line up a few fun meals out, so here's hoping Rita will resume activities next week, and this blog will see a bit more action!