Sunday, 20 November 2011

Ming Court

Last night heralded, surprisingly, my first ever visit to Lower Sandy Bay’s Chinese restaurant, Ming Court. Discussion across the table about how long Ming Court has actually been trading agreed on around 30 years. Well, I'm not sure about that but I would estimate at least 20 years. That's a long time in anyone's books for a restaurant in Hobart to operate, you must admit.

My dining experience there wasn’t either bad or excellent. It was fine for what we wanted – a round table, shared food, reasonable prices, reasonable service and not too much background noise or interruption.

We shared:
steamed dim sims
Chinese sausages
stuffed Chinese mushrooms
sesame prawns

honey chilli chicken
bbq pork with beanshoots
Cantonese beef
braised scallops with ginger sauce
tofu with braised veges
steamed rice

The entrees were all priced round the $7 - $10 mark, and the mains averaged $22 each.

I was interested to observe that whilst they weren’t full to brimming with customers, they had a restaurant which was about 2/3 full, which in today’s world of austerity, seemed to me like a good trade for a Saturday night in otherwise deserted Lower Sandy Bay.

The décor is firmly stuck in the 70’s, with the ornately patterned carpet continuing up the walls to waist height! Gotta love that look, eh?

I wouldn’t say I would be rushing back there, but if someone suggested a meal there to me I would be happy to eat there again.

636A Sandy Bay Road
Lower Sandy Bay
Ph: 6225 3107
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Fringe Dweller said...

OK - No one seems interested in commenting on this so how about I suggest looking up The Grumpy Guide to Food on iView?

Christina said...

Nothing to do with Ming Court, but Sandy Bay yes.... Phil and I had lunch at Prossers a couple of Saturdays ago, and I must say it was awesome!
The service and food both wonderful and we felt like we were dining somewhere pretty special.
For entree I had split prawns, marinated with citrus, chilli, garlic and oregano and they blew me away. Never had better.
Phil had Mussels with I think creme fraiche and coriander and he loved them. Mains were Mixed Grill of todays market fish for Phil, and one of the BEST dishes Ive ever had was Blue Eye baked in butter pastry with prawns and scallops on a tomato and tarragon hollandaise.
We thouroughly enjoyed our meal and with a bottle of 42 degrees south Pinot, came in at $155.
We happily handed that over.
It's been 7 years since we'd been but we wont be leaving it that long to return.

Anonymous said...

Nothing to do with the food, but yes, Ming Court has been there closer to 30 years. We used to frequentin the early 80s when flatting in Sandy Bay. Probably the same decor but i would suggest that is still standard decor for China today!

Anonymous said...

My Goodness we witnessed a screaming match between a Lotus Eaters staff member and a customer on Sunday which was awful, did anyone else see it

Anonymous said...

Its not the only time they have 'lost-it' at customers

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.02, no I didn't witness it, but I had a not so good encounter with a staff member from LE a few months ago, who was adamant that I had ordered something I hadn't. She was rather rude, then proceeded to stomp into the kitchen and continue to grump to the staff inside about what had gone on with us outside. All this could clearly be heard by the customers outside. I vowed never to go back, and as you do, share it more than you do a good story. Shame to see that things don't seem to have improved.

Anonymous said...

On the times I have been to LE I was left with the distinct impression that if you are not part of the scene you're not really welcomed

Anonymous said...

Yes i witnessed this supposed encounter at the LE on Sunday. Bit of a storm in a teacup if you ask me. Customer complained about the look of a curry and got angry. The Girls wanted to give her money back [after they had eaten it by the way] but the lady had already left. I was also there the next day picking up a coffee when i heard some customers coming back especially for the curry which they had enjoyed the day before. Cant please everybody it seems. And as for this in crowd issue. well it is a very busy cafe just like the RVL and it is just a bit weird if people start judging a place on this "scene" basis. Bit of Cygnet bashing if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

bloody nice food though.

Anonymous said...

Hurling abuse at someone because they didn't like the food is not a storm in a teacup its obnoxious and belligerent. You cant please everyone its true but theres simply no excuse for mistreating a customer in this disgusting manner

Anonymous said...

I was there and i saw absolutely no hurling of abuse. I think it is right for customers and restaurants to engender a spirit of engagement and spirited communication over food and service. However what i do not think is fair is to call a conversation as a " hurling of abuse ". I think that this blog is bordering on being abusive itself and is sailing close to the wind at being constructive. If you are a third party to conversations then it is immature and quite possibly defamatory to inaccurately gossip heresay on this blog.

Anonymous said...

You must be blind and deaf then

Anonymous said...

bloody nice food though