Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Your thoughts, readers, please.......

The email below is one forwarded by a third party to a Rita-reader (who in turn sent it on to me, asking what I thought of it). It follows a holiday she had in Noosa in September. The email is about the lady (xxxx) who forwarded me the email, and her friend (zzzz) who lives in Noosa. 

The email is to her, and relates to an evening in a local Noosa restaurant.

I am interested to see what others think about this email……………

“I am personally outraged at the behaviour of the zzzz booking ( blonde curly haired woman with glasses ) and xxxx at my workplace on sunday 18th of september  ! 
reducing the waitress to tears by calling her disgusting was un called for ! 
disgusting was the behaviour of both parties mentioned above 
20 minutes is not a long time to wait for food ! if fast food was wanted perhaps Mcdonalds should have been visited 

xxxx  is a serial restaurant pest and a complete pain in the ass ! ( after 3 of these scenes by the vile xxxx woman this year in her 6 months of being in town ) 
However more disturbing was the behaviour of including innocent patrons which where bothered with their food problems !
how would you like it if  BAD reviews were placed on every accommodation web sight about your resort ? it is exactly the same scenario 

Pass on to xxxx that i will give her picture ( published in september issue of the weekender noosa)  to every chef / restaurant owner / manager in Noosa that i know so they will be warned just how savage 
she is so they can be wary of xxxx or zzzz on there booking sheets 

Regards (name of manager of restaurant) 

letter sent to all local news papers 

"shame on you" to two of the diners who dined at my workplace in this last week  one local and one from interstate , reducing the waitress to tears by calling her disgusting as well as bothering innocent diners with your so called food problems , the interstate diner is a serial restaurant pest -want to be food critic and i am sure nothing can keep her happy, We average 40 to 60 covers nightly all year round  with loyal repeat customers weekly with no complaint , the interstate diner has upset staff at my workplace before so the cuisine obviously is not suited to her taste buds but still she books under different names to gain access to upset staff , show  some respect just because we work in the hospitality industry weather it be a waitress/ waiter or part of a kitchen team we are no lesser of a person than you, we more than likely work harder than you -so we deserve some respect ! , I hope that one day you to are treated in the same way so you know how it feels to be humiliated in public “

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Disgusted of Chiggers said...

Those diners sound completely in the right. How dare that uppity restaurant server get above their station like this, its just un-Australian! My advice: Know your place food servers!

Anonymous said...

it would be interesting to see what perspective the lotus eaters staff take on this.

Fringe Dweller said...

Not much happening on the food front in Tassie then?

Dale Reardon - Moving to Tasmania and Living in Tasmania Discussion forum said...


I personally think the hospitality worker and manager overreacted to the max but at the same time I can understand their frustration.

My then wife and I owned and operated several bed and breakfasts in Battery Point, namely Barton Cottage and Cromwell Cottage. Much of the time the guests looked down on you and thought you were inferior and not worth their time - of course there were many nice people as well. Occassionally one of our staff would drop into the conversation that my wife was a doctor in her "spare" time and I was a lawyer. The people's impression of you would change instantly. We rose up the social ladder instantly - we did not like this at all as I think you should be judged for who you are and how you behave and treat others not by your occupation or qualifications.

I have recently returned to Hobart and if you want to see my writings on food and accommodation then check out our new discussion forum:


Anonymous said...

Complaints should be welcomed and dealt with respectfully - it takes time and effort to complain and this should be seen as an opportunity. I strongly believe that this restaurant manager has done herself an enormous disservice!

Anonymous said...

The fundamental problem with this last statement is that it assumes that the person giving the complaint is not free from small mindedness, prejudiced or is one of those people who delights in shadenfreude.
Not all complaints are a positive opportunity to recify a situation as customers are not always right

Anonymous said...

i agree with the last post. What is un Australian is for small minded people thinking it is acceptable to make criticism of hard working restaurant workers and not stick it out to give a right of reasoned reply. If you dont like something you have ordered speak up early and do not wait until the end of your meal to complain. Most restaurants would gladly refund money or provide alternatives if required however i quite understand a waiter or chef who defends their establishment to the onslaught of unfair criticism. Especially if it is loud, abusive and designed to merely provoke.