Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Rita's resume

It appears a Rita-reader (Hospo Old Timer) requires a resume from Rita as to her qualifications to write this “not particularly good” blog, accusing her of having no hospitality industry experience since owning a café with her ex-husband 20 years ago. He also requests Rita refrain from commenting on behalf of the industry.

Far be it from me to feel I have to justify myself to anyone merely for ‘penning’ my thoughts on this blog, but on thinking it over, it led me to think back to my extremely chequered career, which has mostly always involved some form of hospitality. So for no other reason than sheer interest, I will post below my previous experiences and jobs.

In no particular order, I waitressed over a period of 20 years; worked cold larder at Munros Restaurant in Lower Sandy Bay; ran a hospitality staffing service which involved recruiting hospitality staff for local restaurants, cafes and reception centres; taught primary school cookery classes; owned and ran my café for 5 years; worked for 3 years at Tas Hotel and Club Supplies; worked for 6 years in an apprenticeship centre signing apprentices and trainees into their training then keeping an eye on their progress till they eventually gained their qualifications (a few memorable apprentices I signed up were Klaa Clements at Moorilla, nowadays to be found cooking at the new Westend Pumphouse, and Alfonso Giusto, aka Fonzie, at Splash of Paris then Athenas, now working his own pasta restaurant Cugini in Bellerive); ran hospitality-based tours of food-related businesses for high school teachers, in order that teachers could inform their students as to the fantastic possibilities a career in some form of hospitality or food production offered; function and wedding planning; taught hospitality and a food and cooking essentials course for Years 11 and 12 students at Elizabeth College; worked in reception at a backpackers.

To be honest, Hospo Old Timer, each and every job listed above I have absolutely loved and I really don’t think I could have had a more rounded list of jobs to absolutely qualify me to impartially comment on our industry here in Hobart, which I am passionate about. Most of my friends are in the industry, and despite having been forced out of the workforce for the past year due to illness, I still interact daily with what I consider to be ‘my industry’.
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Educating the General said...

When I want to know who is doing what, when, how and why in Hobart, I read Rita's blog, where the news is so hot it burns your ears most of the time.

I've been in this industry a long time, and when I read Rita's opinion on something here - I believe it.

I have eaten food and drunken alcohol in every state, province and territory of America, Canada and Australia. And throughout most of Asia.

And owned businesses. Some worked, some failed - That's life.

If Rita says xxx is shit, or is wonderful -- You can be pretty sure that it is what it is.

We still have fond memories of our meals at Mummy's - a long time ago.

These will be the best memories.

Some of the night's I've had running business in industry you simply would not believe - but I wouldn't swap these moments for quids.

Places like this blog preserve decent information for everyone. Forever.

"If you have nothing nice to say...."

Hospitality is so bitchy!

potplant said...

Hey Rita - it's YOUR blog and you're entitled to express YOUR opinions. The most many foodie bloggers know about the hospitality industry wouldn't fill the back of a postage stamp. When I moved to Tassie a couple of years, finding your blog was a god-send cos you did all the research and I did all my initial wining/dining in Hobart feeling confident that I was going to places that wouldn't be a total waste of my time/money. Keep it up!