Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Ivory's Warm Beef Salad 2012

It is my greatest pleasure to announce that Ivory Thai Restaurant, in Elizabeth Street, in the city, has re-introduced their absolutely stunningly perfect Warm Beef Salad to their menu.

I defy you to find a better one anywhere else in town.

 Sammi at Shoebox previously produced my most favourite, but Ivory’s craps all over it, I’m afraid Sammi!

Ivory – you rock my world!
Posted on by Rita


Sir Grumpy said...

You are a lucky duck, Rita, having all that choice.
Down here in Kingston we are impoverished for Asian food.
Have tried that new Thai place twice.
First time just for some snacky entrees...not cheap at $9 a pop.

Not sure if curry puffs and spring rolls and fishcakes are made by them or just out a pack but they were okay. Fishcakes a bit rubbery.

Satay sticks had a very sweet sauce.
My wife had a red curry and it was NOT red at all. Basically seemed like a sweet coconut sauce with a tiny amount of red curry paste in it. Sweet as.
Whatever happened to the Asian philosophy of expanding savouriness?
Now all the Asian food I taste is like a bowl of sugar. Are they dumbing it down for us, or have they morphed into this sickly-sweet no-man's-land.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sir Grumpy

I can assure you that our curry puffs and spring rolls are made on the premises... We try as much as possible to make everything on the premises. No PFD.

Of course hand made entrees using fresh ingredients are going to cost more than PFD frozen ones.

We can make food to suit your needs. If you want something to be sweet, or sour, or hot, or mild, or spicy - Just ask. Every meal is freshly prepared and cooked so if you want extra spice or no sweetness etc etc ... Just ask.

sir grumpy said...

Good to know the entrees are made in-house, Anon.

I simply posed the question. You didn't mention the fishcakes.

I don't mind paying a bit extra but the sweetness level made me feel less than satisfied with much of the food.

The presentation, quality of ingredients and friendly service were all very good.

Of course, the first time you order a dish you have no idea of its spiciness or sweetness, as this is very subjective.

So you may (like us) be a bit disappointed.

I feel restaurants should stick to the classic way of preparing any dish as its standard....then tweak it AFTER, only if the customer asks.

That way we have a measure to go by.
I look forward to visiting again, armed with the new knowledge. Just go easy on the sugar, please!

Then you'll have two customers for life. Or a long time, anyway. (Who love Asian food).

sir grumpy said...

We have been back to Channel Court's Thai and it was all good, Rita.
I had a chilli and basil chicken stir fry and my wife the ginger and pepsper stir fry.
Both lovely although more basil would have been good .... and NOT too sweet.
We will be back for a curry and will take time to ask for a savoury version!

PS, I wish they would serve some green tea. It's not on the menu, so its BYO, water or soft drinks.
I think they have mint tea, but jasmine green would be the go.