Thursday, 15 November 2012

Amigos? Oh no, we're not!

Always on the hunt for good palatable food, Tuesday night found a group of us eating at Amigos in North Hobart. Since Tacos closed down, we only have the one Mexican option in town if we feel a taco or enchilada craving coming on! So Amigos it was.

There were eight of us and we ordered a good cross section of food from the menu, so I looked forward to seeing a tasty selection of Mexican food arrayed on the table.

On Tuesday nights, they have a special menu of 3 courses for $22 which contains a small example of some of their typical food. Two of our party opted for that menu with the rest of us ordering off the normal menu. I tasted the dips, and found them extremely lacking in any kind of imagination at all. They could have been so much tastier but, I suppose in the interests of keeping the costs down, they opted for sloppy and boring. The addition of a few spices, plus the chef actually tasting them, would have improved them no end.

The Amigos version of garlic bread ($5.50) with salsa, herbs, garlic and cheese was served, as well as a pinto bean dip ($11) which was quite nice. I had a beef taco for entrée ($5) in the interests of experimentation, as I often make tacos at home, and was curious as to how my home made babies measured up to the pro jobs. As modest as I am, I must say that mine stand out head and shoulders above Amigos!

The nachos ($9) were disgusting. The minimal amount of cheese on the corn chips was overcooked, ensuring you didn’t get that yummy runny cheese action as you pick out your corn chip to dip in the salsa and sour cream, so you were left with dry unappetizing nachos. Nachos were one of the biggest sellers at my café and if I had 5c for every plate of nachos I’d ever made, I’d be in the Bahamas now, so I can assure you I know my nachos, and no plate I ever made was as bad as that one at Amigos. Big thumbs down for those!

For mains, everyone’s food appeared to be a slight variation on the theme – they all looked similar, and most probably tasted the same too. We had Enchilada, Chimichangas ($19.50), Faijitas and Fajitas Pollo Mariscos ($20) which was a seafood dish served on a sizzle platter.

The food was very mediocre. It was mass produced food designed to appeal to the most diverse range of Hobart’s population (maybe the Maccas crowd?) and stunningly unspectacular. For a lover of Mexican food, this was most definitely not a shining example of same.

The service was SO slow, especially as they have the most constant stream of takeaway orders being telephoned in, and customers coming in to collect their takeaways. It was the most unrelaxing evening I’ve had for a long time, and exactly the opposite of a good night out, for me anyway. But, I’m positive it’s a money spinner for the owner, and in Hobart’s current economic climate, that would have to be a bonus!

Amigos Restaurant
329 Elizabeth Street
North Hobart
Ph 6234 6115

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Unknown said...

Considering the Mexican and South American food craze that's been trending in Melbourne and to a lesser degree Sydney for the last few years, its a shame that Hobart has yet to up the ante and do a version that aspires beyond the cliches
I wonder if they use Tasmanian avocados......?!

Anonymous said...

O Dear Rita - I am sorry you had to go to Amigos! I often feel like Mexican (real Mexican)food, the only solution in Hobart really is to cook your own...sad but true.

Anonymous said...

Having a decent South Ameriacan place would require a larger population of people from that area to live here (supply and demand) What makes the Mexican food great in Meb and Syd is its step away from the Gringo versions of the food to something with a closer resemblance to authentic or street food. I then ask would the Hobart public be willing to give up their Chimichangas and Nachos for something that has actualy been eaten in Mexico? I know I would!

Michelle said...

Keep an eye out for Ollie-Bella! An awesome chef from California, Gabriel Laborico is about to launch truly authentic Mexican cuisine in Hobart at the Mona Market. From his handmade corn tortillas, tamales and range of condiments he makes using ingredients like tomatillos, chipotle and homemade pickled jalapenos, everything Gabriel makes is truly delicious!

I'm very excited!

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.08
What is 'South Ameriacan' food?

Bec said...

I went to Amigo's last Tuesday.. was interesting to receive a vegetarian enchilada filled with not beans as I expected, but potato and pumpkin! The dips were good at least. (even for someone who hates coriander!)

Anonymous said...

Used to love Tacos(In Battery Point, not Silos), I had Nachos at Amigos last week, it was dreadful. Oversupply of corn chips, tiny drizzles each of sour cream, awful tomatoish sauce and mashed avocado