Monday, 13 May 2013

Westend Pumphouse May 2013

Had an impressive breakfast at Westend Pumphouse the other day. This was the first time I had set foot in the place, following all the initial opening hype, around a year ago, by the fooderati of the city!

I have to say that, despite my reservations (based on feedback from various friends), I was quite surprised at the food quality, but more particularly the service, which was outstanding. Small courtesies, which go overlooked in other similar establishments, were a feature of service at the Pumphouse. I think we generally settle these days for mediocre service, hence it is notable when you get those extras with your service.

I had Bubble and Squeak ($16) which comprised two quite large fried patties, filled with assorted savoury goodies including peas. This was topped with two perfectly poached eggs then their delicious housemade chutney, with a beef kransky on the side. It was way too much for my small tummy, but the days of hearing my mother’s voice in my ear telling me how many millions of starving people round the world would kill for my uneaten plate of wasted food, are long gone. I don’t order food just to get a huge plateful in order to pig into. I order things I want to sample, and am not at all fussed if I don’t feel I can polish off the whole plateful.

My vegetarian friends had the beans with mushrooms and avocado and enjoyed it very much. I think it was priced at $12-15. Not sure.

It’s not a place I will be hurrying back to – mainly because of the difficulty of parking nearby (for me, as I have a disability which necessitates parking as closely as I can to wherever I’m going). I could park (illegally) in the K&D carpark I suppose but that’s not an option for me at the moment.

I’d give them an 8/10 for the food, an 8/10 for the latte and a very definite 10/10 for the service.

Westend Pumphouse
105 Murray Street
6234 7339