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Tripadvisor, Urban Spoon and Google reviews

To the Anonymous commenter who posted the below comment, which I copied and pasted from my blog to my Rita's Bite Facebook page, I recommend you have a look at the comments on your observation on the Facebook page. Often, when added to past blog posts, these great comments get lost, that's the reason I copied/pasted to the Facebook page.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Restaurants, cafes and social media":

We run a popular café. Most of our reviews are positive, some are even glowing and on occasion, like everyone else I suppose, we get some negative feedback.
I can handle this.
What I cant handle is blatant untruths written by people who use sites like Tripadvisor, Urban Spoon and Google reviews to mercilessly bag a place. I suspect that this type of smear is often from our nameless competitors. Why do I come to this conclusion? Because every time we get a negative review, our competitors seem to get a favourable one. This has happened five times where our review and one particular place have been published on the same day. There have been three times when complete lies were written about us and its very disheartening that people are able to write this stuff without being held accountable.

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Anonymous said...

There have been many questionable reviews on trip advisor. If a place get a bad review low and behold the very next one is a glowing review like damage control you only have to look at Lotus Easters for this to happen