Monday, 16 June 2014

No, I'm not dead!

Yes, alright! It has been many months since I last posted a review here. For that, I offer my most humble of apologies. Being on Facebook daily, it was very simple to create a Facebook page (Rita's Bite) and add my ramblings to that page instead of returning to my familiar old blog with my restaurant reviews (and occasional grouches). But I promise to keep writing here, even if it is more sporadically than previously.

I hope you are all eating well, and not letting the bastards get you down!

And one final word for my most faithful of readers - Sir Grumpy.......I miss you Sir G!
Cornelian Bay Boathouse Oct 2013

Absolutely stunning dish of slow cooked lamb at Frogmore Creek (ex Meadowbank), May 2014
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Anonymous said...

Rita, we are all glad you are not dead!

Simply, for gossip, good information from a reliable source and hilarious commenters, your blog cannot be beaten. Nothing beats it. Not even the old hobart restaurant bitch/snitch!

I was reading through your really old posts the other day. eg 2008

Cripes it's scary how much has closed because I do not recognise 90% of the place names mentioned!

It's never a boring world :)

Rita said...

Thanks for your very complimentary words Anon. I'm glad to have provided you with my own unique brand of entertainment!
I agree about how scary it is reading back through some of those old posts. It makes you realise how transient restaurant life is.....which then makes you appreciate places that have withstood the test of time.

Sir Grumpy said...

Yes, Rita,

I'm still munching away and reading your stuff, though I'm not very Facebook/Twitter savvy.

Anonymous said...

It's been a while! I'm glad your little blog is still around. I had no idea you switched to facebook page, in any case, not everybody is on facebook - I certainly am not. Never will be!

Rita said...

Thanks guys, for still checking in here. I realise that only a small percentage of people are on the dreaded Facebook, and for that shift I must apologise. But as you might have noticed, with my blog program having some kind of glitch (which seems to have the same effect from both of my computers) it has been quite difficult to post a review. Hence, as I can easily access Facebook from my laptop, in bed, it has proved way easier for me. Obviously I still have those words about restaurants flowing out of me, which need some kind of ventilation, so Facebook has been the easy option. I have found that sending my whole review plus pics to Steve Cumper and getting him to post it for me from his computer has worked so I promise to be a bit more Hobart Food for Thought-ish!