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Frogmore Creek Jan 2015

Oh my lordie, lordie, lordie! Where on earth would I begin to find enough adjectives and superlatives to describe today's lunch at Frogmore Creek?

Our little gourmet dining out group decided on a leisurely lunch at Frogmore, so left town at 11.30 all primed for a 12.00 start. As I dragged my tummy, with me attached, into my house at 5.00, I decided it actually wasn't classified as lunch by then!

The food, oh the food......where to start. I took a few pics but not being a Roger Wong or Andrew Strikis, I am truly embarrassed by my pics, so would prefer not to rely on them to tell the story.

The menu is all-encompassing and way too hard to pick from so we opted for the wimp's solution: it had to be one of the three degustation options. There is a four course, a five course  ($95) and a six course degustation. We went with the middle option of five, figuring that would be fine but really in hindsight should have selected the four course, because by the time you factored in the additional pre-meal nibble (olives and a poppadum), amuse bouche at the start of the meal, the beetroot palate cleanser mid way through, then the banana 'air' dessert, then the additional passionfruit ice cream cone, it added up to ten courses!

The degustation courses vary often, depending on any guest intolerances, plus what chef sees fit to serve on any particular day, so it's futile me telling you what we had as it may well be totally different tomorrow. Suffice to say the whole meal was magnificent.

Honestly, try as hard as I could to find one single fault, I simply couldn't. The service from all floor staff was unbelievable. (I recommend all Frank staff get down there one day and experience TRUE waiting and customer service, as opposed to the very ordinary service I have received at Frank on two occasions out of three recently.)

Chef Reuben came out to our table afterwards and sat down for a chat. He is a lovely guy, with some inspired ideas for future Frogmore developments, one of which is the establishment of a Frogmore Salamanca lounge bar, hopefully to open up in June this year.

Whatever this guy does will be majorly successful because he has that passion for his trade which guarantees a quality service is delivered to all who venture inside his place of work.

Frogmore is a shining beacon of perfection in the world of hospitality in Tasmania. If you don't enjoy your meal there, I'm afraid you're off my Christmas card list, as you must surely be a fool!

Pictured below (thanks Jacqui) is the 40 hour salmon, accompanied by potato salad topped with a quail egg, fish skin crackling, seared scallop and red salmon eggs, served with their house made miso. Stunning!

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