Tuesday, 21 October 2008

I feel like Stir-fry tonight...

Jamie Oliver would be proud to see the Coles ad on Page 6 of today’s Mercury. It’s boldly headed “Asian stir-fry for 4 for under $10”, and then pictures individually a few bunches of Bok Choy, a jar of Oyster Sauce, a packet of Singapore Noodles, and just to ram home the noodle message - a picture of a white plate containing said noodles all ready for the meat and bok choy to be added to the top, a small bowl of Fresh Life frozen garlic along with accompanying packet of same, plus on the chopping board next to all these ingredients some sliced raw beef all ready to be stir fried. At the bottom of the page looking very much like your average shoppers shopping list is a totting up of the cost of these ingredients, totalling $9.18 as Coles estimate of what using the illustrated items will cost you to put a stir fry for 4 on your table tonight.

It’s simple. It contains a lot of subliminal advertising messages which are very clever. It’s practical. It’s damn healthy! I love it.

Well done Coles. Much better than the usual pictures of mega-unhealthy Tim Tams on special at the supermarket! Extremely responsible of you guys.
Posted on by Rita


Anonymous said...

Have you been watching Jamies latest tv program rita? Im really enjoying it.

Sir Cheery said...

Yes, a good stir fry's the jobbie.
I'm all for it, Rita, ut my wok has been tossed (wok-tossed, hmmm).
It was banged up, so to speak. Wing & Co doesn't seem to have the small woks anymore and the really heavy cast-iron ones from elsewhere are too, well heavy.
Where can I get a decent, small wok, not one suitable for the huge burners at Mee Wah.
Also NOT Non-Stick, as they always do stick in the end and the cheap ones even flake.
I'm also looking for a decent SATAY sauce in a bottle for when I get a craving.
Chopsticks at Kingston does a reasonable satay sauce and, of course, Dom at Asian Teahouse at Blackmans Bay makes a beauty.
I tried a Thai sauce from a bottle and it was bit too sweet.
Any suggestions? (Steady anon, those suggestions might be anatomically impossible).
I've also introduced my alter ego, above....Sir grumpy.

Anonymous said...

A gentleman never wears a black fedora.

Anonymous said...

Off topic post:

Humble pie, Kat & Fiddle food court all on the market - is this the 4Lunch group down sizing ? or a sign of the tough times ?

Cool Room

Anonymous said...

They have been planning to get out of retail for a while, so no.


Anonymous said...

Product is so bad & service non existant, little wonder they are throwing a lifeline!

Anonymous said...

That's a little rough, they have some very good frontline people at any number of places. And some good food.

Having said that I don't know what you do with the C&F foodcourt. So many different things to eat in their area. Some really good stuff but they make too many burgers at a time and they are always cold! Even Maccas can get that right these days!


Anonymous said...

Back to topic maybe.

How about a list of the top ten sauces or other stuff to chuck into the stir fry instead of or as well as the oyster sauce mentioned?

Simple food cooked well.


Anonymous said...

the price hides a myriad of externalities, cheap food comes at a price and coles is part of a duopoly that ratchets down farmers, producers and insists on bleeding them through indiscriminate contracts.

food is not meant to be cheap. coles and woolworths actually write off fresh produce. they've not made a profit on it for years, they could,but people aren't prepared to spend what it would really cost and therefore they lock in suppliers at
the lowest possible price and mark it up minimally to get the consumer through the door and into the aisles where the processed food (highest profit margin) resides.

the best thing we can all do is not even consider the option of shopping at either coles or woolies. it may take longer and you will have to be more organised,but the future depends on it. this might sound dire and cataclysmic. it is to some degree,but it has to be taken seriously.

the positive side is that in tasmania due to a lack of density in population, it is easier to source our food and even grow it.

why not give it a go? boycott the corperate thieves and really feel good about the way we eat.


Rita said...

Anon 3.54 - watching Jamie O's current TV program is what made me write the post. It struck me that if everyone who eats instant food and buys takeaway daily for their main meal would see that ad and give it a go at home instead of the usual pap they eat, we'd be a much healthier (and therefore happier) nation. Yes - I have been watching it and it genuinely struck a chord for me.
Sir G - I haven't browsed in the Chinese place in Moonah for ages, but if I wanted a new wok and Wings didn't have it, that's where I'd head next. I make my own satay sauce which has the right amount of flavours for my palate. It's way better than relying on someone else to come up with the goods, and guaranteed I'll love it!
CR - good to hear from you again - and thanks for the goss, and it looks like P has answered your question for you.
P - great suggestion - want to start us off with some suggestions? I can easily cut & paste it into a fresh post.
Insider - you really do sound like someone who knows exactly what they're talking about, so thank you very much for commenting. You're totally right about it being so easy here for everyone to be able to source or grow their own food. We're very lucky with that. I spoke yesterday to someone who detailed their family's eating habits and I was absolutely gobsmacked and horrified, it was SO far away from my world, and so frighteningly close to Jamie Oliver's experiences in talking to subjects in his current TV series. I'm not wanting to be a prophet of doom but I think we might be fighting an uphill battle to get the general populace to embrace the 'cooking at home/growing your own or buying locally' concept.