Thursday, 23 October 2008

Meadowbank Revisited

Yes - I confess, it was me who just HAD to take a predominantly interstate group of co-workers to Meadowbank yesterday for lunch, specifically so I could proudly showcase some of our state's wonderful local produce, and expose them to some predictably fabulous cheffing and waiting!

They loved it and returned to their states of origin all promising to return with their families, and holiday here at leisure next visit.

I also discovered a few lovely people working at Meadowbank whom I'd known from the past - Stephen, ex Maldinis and Gondwana, who I hadn't seen there last week when I ate (maybe it was his day off?) and who said he'd been working there since he left Gondwana; and Fiona, who I HAD seen last week there, and kept looking at her and racking my brain as to where I knew that face from! I asked her yesterday, and thank god for a younger and fresher brain than mine, in working condition - she knew me from when I worked at Hotel & Club and we kitted out the (at that time) upcoming trendy new restaurant soon to be opened and to be called Cornelian Bay Boat House!

I love Hobart's smallness! Thanks again to staff at Meadowbank, especially Phil our waiter, and of course the saintly Simon, a quietly impressive man and fabulous chef.
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Anonymous said...

Meadowbank can only be a much better place with two industry professionals such as Stephen and Fiona - will look forward to returning now that I know they are looking after front of house.