Saturday, 29 November 2008

Olive revisited

As promised, yesterday saw Rita giving Olive the chance to redeem themselves in the food stakes - and they emerged triumphantly, in spades.

Three of us at the office ordered takeaway pizza by phone for lunch. Three different pizzas were ordered. All three of us raved about our servings. We ordered the Small pizzas, it being only lunch time. My two companions were stonkered by the time they'd finished theirs. I took 2 (of the 4) slices in the serving home and had them for dinner last night.

The girls had Vegetarian toppings. There are 2 sections on the pizza menu at Olive - one for (normal) Pizzas and another for the Gourmet pizzas. Our Gourmet pizza eater loved hers, as did the normal pizza guzzler. The normal, small pizzas are $10, with the Gourmet small one being $12 - excellent value I reckon.

I had the Capriccioso which was really nice. There's not too much one can say about a pizza, but given the number, and standard, of pizzas I've had in my nearly 60 years of eating, I'd say that Olive's was pretty up there along with Da Angelos. And, by the way, the ham that topped my pizza wasn't the expected pressed and thinly sliced crap usually to be found atop a (cheap) pizza. It seemed like ham off the bone. Most impressive!

Be aware that I prefer the crispy bottomed ones, and this one was admittedly a bit "limp" but that's a minor blip in the pizza scheme of things!

So - my heartiest congratulations to Olive. You are a fine restaurant, well fitted out, with friendly, efficient staff, and I hope you do well.
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Anonymous said...

I found that Olive was a joke for service. Going there for my sister-in-laws birthday, took four hours for entree, main and dessert. And i can assure you the restaurant was not busy for a lazy sunday lunch! I for one like to enjoy my meals especially when out, but this was unrealistic. Being someone who works in the food industry, I found the serving size to be rather pathetic when contrast to the price we paid. While the grilled salmon i had did have a lovely flavour, it wasnt anyhting that could have been made at home, with a grill some Ketchap Manis and fresh steamed green veg! We left with empty pockets, half empty stomachs and rather disappointed at the local business.