Sunday, 30 November 2008

Rita's opinions vindicated

I spoke today to a regular Rita-reader and was delighted to hear his recent dining-out tales.

He has eaten out over the last two days - firstly at Smith St Store for brunch, then at Plum last night. Both of the decisons to go to these two venues were the direct result of reading (and believing) Rita's commentary on the subjects. BTW - he loved both places, and heartily endorsed everything I said about them.

I love that others out there read and interpret for themselves exactly what I am saying, and act on it. I love that people can get more of a feel for what any particular establishment might be like, so when it comes time to eat out, you can make a more informed decision about where/how/how much etc.

I feel privileged that I can be part of that process, and that people also understand that my blog is merely a guide, but that they must ultimately make up their own minds.

That's why I love it also when others comment on any particular subject. It's better to have anyone who has an opinion expressing it, than just to read one person's diatribe.

The hoo-ha over the past week regarding Sir Grumpy and his sometimes-off-post comments has been at times disturbing but in the final wash-out, it actually is what this blog is all about.

Every night around 9.30 I receive an email from Site Meter (the website that keeps stats on the number of people who look at the blogsite, and tracks their origins, how long they stayed etc). The stats indicate interesting things to me. Mostly they indicate an increasing number of people joining us here, which is fantastic.

I hope people aren't put off by the past weeks dialogues between Sir Grumpy and the various Anons. We welcome everyone here, and are more than happy to discuss anything and everything. There are no rules or regulations. That's the beauty of "talking" here. You can remain Anon and express your opinions secure in that knowledge. Just be polite, though.

It interests me when I read comments from, say, Cartouche. I obviously have been in this reasonably intense "dialogue" many evenings with him. I have built up my own mental image of him. I "speak" so often with him (albeit online). I consider him to be a friend (you know: one of those invisible ones you have when you're a child!). And yet, he could walk past me in the street, or serve me in a restaurant, and I wouldn't know him from Adam.

That's one of the weird things about this world of blog.

Alright then - it's back to the world of eating, and todays' lunch venue is a return trip to Farm Gate. As I have been there relatively frequently, I won't be reviewing today - merely enjoying.
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Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading what everyone has to say thats why I come here.

Anonymous said...

I was blissfully unaware of the Sir Grumpy hoo har, until you mentioned it. So I took a look, and I was a little dismayed.
You know I like to think of your blog as a warm inviting oak timbered pub. Its a place I and others can go for a bit of social. Your blog topics are like a pubs guest ales, different, informative etc. And you of course the buxom cheerful host.
Sir Grumpy I often think of as the cheerful chap on the bar stool, who will always raise a glass when you walk in and if you don't fancy the guest Ale, offer you a humorous conversation and a game of darts with the anon's. Kind of part of the furniture, even has his own Tankard.
Rita's place is a warm inviting place were we all meet to catch up on a bit of gossip and news, and of course a forum of valued opinion.

Now on a personal note I can not abide backstabbers and little school prefects. The comments that came from annon sounded like a bleating school child crying about the somebody spoiling their perfect game. Miss, Miss, he's spoiling it, and I'm not friends if your friends with him. I mean, seriously, grow up.
Yes we go off topic. But one of the things that makes "Blogging" and the world wide web so wonderful is its lack of editorial control. If the whinging anons had their way, then we might as well surrender and allow the freedom of speech to go the way of the newspapers.

So annon, I stand with he who stood with me upon St Crispens day, and you can listen to me and Grumpy as we play Anarchy in the UK on our jukebox, and build our walls with our English dead for we few, we happy few shall remain free.

And you can regulate the world....

Love ya Rita..


Anonymous said...

Now on a lighter note. My wife is an avid fan as I put her on to this a while back. She pops in to check it out probably more than I do.
Being quite the social butterfly, she likes to read the reviews and then recommend places to her girlie gaggle on the strength of what she is reading. And apparently they approve. I have suggested that she comment, but I suspect she likes to take the credit for new and exciting places herself. Go figure the wifely species.
But you are right, I suspect you have more fans than you could ever think.


Sami said...

I dined at Plum recently, as a direct result of reading your comments, and ate exactly as your friend did. I wasn't disappointed.
Pictures and comments can be found at

Enjoyed the sausage making course at the Farm Gate Cafe on hte weekend. Looking forward to another visit soon to eat there. Thanks for your interesting comments about the Hobart dining scene.

Susannah said...

Hi Rita

I agree with Cartouche in his assessment of Sir Grumpy's contributions. Of course Sir G is a bit garrulous, but that is part of his charm, and anyone who took offence is probably taking things (including themself) a bit too seriously. This blog is informative, chatty, and reading all the varied comments is usually very good fun. Some of the various "anonymous" contributors are a bit tedious, but mostly they have something positive to contribute. I like to hear about venues before I go there, and the benefits of your reviews, Rita, is that you don't just say that a place is good, or bad, but say what it is about the venue that you liked or disliked, so I can make a judgement as to whether I am likely to agree with you or not, and then either avoid the place or make a booking.

Keep going!!

And the grandchildren look beautiful!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Cartouche for so beautifully expressing what I feel about Sir G.
Gorgeous babies, too, Rita.

sir grumpy said...

I humbly thank those who had a good word for me. I'll mention it to the missus.
I don't mind copping a few if I get too much but I remember the old adage: ``I may not agree with your opinion but I'll defend to the death (a bit much that word) your right to have it''.
I think that was Benny Hill at his bestest.

Anonymous said...

Yes fine but Sir G goes for the juggular whenever he is questioned, queried or querelled.
It all sounds too much like apologising for a belligerent, prejudiced & boorish uncle.
One of the 'tedious' anons

Anonymous said...

As I read the description of Rita's website as a "warm inviting oak timbered pub" the sitcom series "Cheers" sprung to mind. And this I too liken to your website. We may not all know each others name, unlike the tv series but the different personalities, the contrasting opinions, its all fun and entertainment. Strong opinions keep it exciting. Long live Sir G.
As always, love your work Rita.

the silver fairy said...

it's a tragic fifteen minutes faux knight.

Rita said...

Cartouche - I sense a Henry V fan there. I love the pub analogy. I'm there. I also love Anon 9.03's "Cheers" comparison - that being one of my all time favourite TV programs. Yes, I think you might have struck pay dirt there Anon 9.03, it really is like walking into the bar at Cheers, and there's ditzy Rebecca, or Diane, behind the bar with gorgeous Sam, and crazy Norm, and the rest.
Glad your wife checks in here Cartouche too. I'm happy for her to take the credit for 'discovering' great new places to eat!
Sami - I looked at your blog, and have now marked it as one of my favourites. Thanks.
Susannah - That's exactly why I'm writing on the blog. And to you and Kzee - yes the babies are gorgeous. I spent most of Saturday with them again - SO cute, and tiny, and precious. I cooked for Mum and Dad - soups, crumble, lasagne, garlic breads - so that they can concentrate on baby-dom. The twins are a full time job.
Sir G - glad you popped back to read all these nice things people are saying about you.
Keep commenting everyone, and making it interesting for all of us.

Sir Grumpy said...

By the way, Cartouche, Anon, mine's a pint of Theakston's Old Peculier.

Anonymous said...

Was always partial to a pint of of OP, or wobbly Bob, Spitfire, bishops finger and the aptly named "Crippledick" 12% ABV. Like to see stiff and stiffer play a few tunes after a skinful of those.

Rita what Englishman would not hold his manhood cheap if he were not a fan of a bit of Henry at Agincourt. Built a nations spirit.


Anon2 said...

Fat old Sir John Falstaff is my Shakespearean favourite - he certainly loved his tucker and grog (sack=sherry) - Henry dumped him well and good! (even if he was fictional!)

sir grumpy said...

I love Sir Toby Belch, but then I would. Fuller's London Pride will do at a pinch.

Whitey said...

Sir Grumpy - just be yourself.