Monday, 1 December 2008

AHA Awards night winners 2008

The AHA held its annual conference, and awards night, last Wednesday, and here are the winners on the night:

Premier's Award for Contribution to the Community Martin Modinger
Minister's Award for Contribution to the Industry Richard Sattler
Bertie Tucceri Award Mr Geoff Copping
Best Seafood Restaurant Prossers on the Beach
Best Re-Developed Venue The Black Stallion Hotel
Outstanding Community Service & Achievement The Old Woolstore Apartment Hotel
Best Outdoor Area The Black Stallion Hotel
Best Cellar Safety Country Club Tasmania
Café Award Ebb Restaurant Bar
Best Modern Australian Restaurant Piccalilly
Responsible Service of Alcohol The Waterfront Hotel
Responsible Service of Gaming The Waterfront Hotel
Best Gaming Venue Shoreline Hotel
Best Country Hotel Stanley Hotel
New Establishment Award Piermont Restaurant
Best Counter Meal/Bistro Meal AHA Stanley Hotel
Best Asian Restaurant Me Wah Hobart
Best Mid-Range Accomm (3-3.5 Star) Tall Timbers Tasmania
Best Superior Accomm (4 Star +) Joint Winners - Lenna of Hobart (Penthouse)/The Islington Hotel
Best Bar Presentation and Service The Henry Jones Art Hotel
Best Retail Outlet (Bottle shop) Shoreline Hotel
Best Employee Food & Beverage Zoe Stephens - Wrest Point Hotel Casino
Best Employee Gaming Sarah O'Keefe - Claremont Hotel Motel
Best Restaurant in a Hotel/Tavern Piermont Restaurant
Presentation in Recognition of Nat. Award Me Wah Hobart and Angasi
Presentation in Recognition of Nat. Award Stanley Hotel and Country Club Tasmania
Best Employee (Front Office) Sally Grice - The Old Woolstore Apartment Hotel
Best Employee (Kitchen) Tracey McCormick - Molly Malones Irish Pub
Hotel Industry Rising Star Award Liza Gadd - Spring Bay Hotel
Fine Dining Award The Terrace Restaurant - Country Cub Tasmania
Kool Fuel Kids Dining Menu Tall Timbers Tasmania
Best Training Initiative Joint Winners - Lenna of Hobart/The Henry Jones Art Hotel
Best European Restaurant Piermont Restaurant
Best Informal/Family Dining RCA Blue Skies Dining
TOTE Initiative Award Olde Tudor Motor Inn
Best Entertainment Venue Wrest Point Hotel Casino
Best Sporting Entertainment Venue Shoreline Hotel
Best Budget/Pub Style Accommodation Stanley Hotel
Best Marketed Establishment The Old Woolstore Apartment Hotel
Tourism Initiative of the Year The Old Woolstore Apartment Hotel - Barnbougle Dunes
Best Overall Restaurant Piccalilly
Best Overall Hotel Shoreline Hotel
Posted on by Rita


sir grumpy said...

Not biting Rita!

Rita said...

Your lips are sealed, Sir G?

Anonymous said...

You see its the one liners that keep me coming.

Nice to see some well deserved honors on that list Rita. On the other hand a few of them.. well errr... WTF, or perhaps a touch of nepotism?


Rita said...

Exactly my own reaction Cartouche! WTF is right!

Anonymous said...

Great to see Ebb get a gong.

You must be very proud Rita

Rita said...

I WAS very excited for them at Ebb, Anon 7.56 - it was much deserved, and has visibly demonstrated to them that they aren't operating in some backwater where no one cares about their food, or acknowledges it.

Tassiegal said...

Ebb's gong is VERY much deserved. But as others have said = WTF to some of the others...where is Montys on that list?

Anonymous said...

You have to be a member to be eligiable for an award. I'm guessing any places that aren't on the list aren't members.

Tassiegal said...

That explains some of it...

Anonymous said...

What does that mean?

A Non Omus said...

That explains some of it.