Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Hallelulia! Jean Pascal's NT triumph!

Rita had cause to pop into Jean Pascal's additional new shop, opposite their old (former Wursthaus) New Town shop, yesterday (where Lufi's store was). I was served by two of the most fantastic, welcoming, customer-focussed women I've had the pleasure to have been served by for I-don't-know-how-long!

I was starting to think 'customer service' was a figment of my very vivid imagination, but, hey, it kicked in yesterday, big time.

That's not to say I've been treated badly by everyone I've come across in the past few years. Au contraire. But on average, people are generally polite, maybe even friendly, but that's about all you can say. Don't get me wrong. I'm happy with polite and friendly. But when you receive the sort of service I received yesterday at JP's, then you really start to remember exactly what others don't deliver.

Thank you SO much JP's New Town.
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ut si said...

Well, woman...expound! I'm dying to know what made the service provided so fab. It's a wonderful thing when it happens isn't it. I'm headhunting a former Fee & Me waitperson for the same reason. I swear she read my mind all night recently...she was there with whatever I needed exactly at the moment I needed it. She was attentive without being intrusive, friendly but not gushy & polite but not aloof. Honestly, we could have been eating deep fried Mars Bars & not noticed. (As if!)

Rita said...

Hi Ut Si - yes, you definitely need a few deep fried Mars Bars in you!
I suppose it was a combination of things for the great service in JP's. They were mega-friendly, joking and funny, helpful, non-condescending, obliging, honest, giving of themselves as opposed to those who simply serve you and don't 'give' you any part of themselves or their personalities while they serve you.

They also possessed excellent product knowledge which they managed to convey in a natural manner, unlike those who provide you with information with an inferred air of "You dickhead, you should know that" type of attitude.

They weren't in their 20's or 30's. I don't know if that makes a difference.

sir grumpy said...

Yes being in that age group makes a difference, Rita. The lucky buggers can laugh and feel good without the aches and pains of more longer-lived people.
I used to be bubby but now I like to share my misery. Only kidding...isn't it great to get a friendly face at the places we frequent...stores, cafes, restaurants etc.
I always shop at Coles Kingston. Teena and Scott there are tops. A real asset to their bosses.

Tassiegal said...

You must have hit the jackpot Rita - the last 3 or 4 times I have been into JP at Newtown the staff have been grumpy, surly and could not care less in their attitude. Its not just weekends either.
Admitting there was twice before Christmas, and they could have been burnt out - but the couple of times I have been in this year I got the distinct impression the staff did not want to be there and that everything was a massive pain to do. Case in point - I went in in early Jan to get some baguettes for lunch. I asked what was left, and got told "Vegetable or nothing". When I asked what else they could offer as a take away for lunch I was looked at if I was a bug they had stepped on.
Example two - went in early Feb on a Sunday morning to kill time, girl behind the counter was happyish, but the hot chocolates were dire! They were done in the microwave, had no taste and really did not reflect well on the establishment. The selection of "sweet treats" at 10am on a Sunday morning was minimal - with a couple of eclairs, some cakes and thats about it.
Its a pity as I love the feel of the new store - my only gripe is that there does not seem to be as big a selection of breads/baguettes and sweet things as there used to be.

Anonymous said...

Have you been to Dukkah lately?? Definately keen to see if the coffee is as good as when i used to work in the area! Might have to go in soon....

Rita said...

Sorry about your crap experience there TG.
Maybe someone from JP's might want to chime in here?
Dukkah is one place I need to get to soon. Rita not being a coffee drinker, Anon you'll have to do the honours there, but I really must get my butt there and lunch.

Tassiegal said...

I'll live, but will be avoiding for awhile....pity as I liked their European Hot chocolate...

Anonymous said...

They do a good european chocolate in Soundys lane at the chocolate shop. so thick your spoon can stand up in it