Sunday, 22 February 2009

Skills Tas industry survey

Following hot on the heels of Steve's post the other day, I will add this from the Skills Tasmania (the old State Training Authority) newsletter to the mix:

Tourism and Hospitality

Employees Survey

Many young people gain their first taste of work experience and
employment in the tourism and hospitality industry. For some
young people it can be an enriching and rewarding experience,
but for others it can be a harmful stumbling block on the road to
permanent work and adulthood. From the perspective of
employers, they have long recognised that staff turnover rates
and difficulty with recruiting staff are a major cost and challenge
for the industry.

To better understand employment perceptions and practices a
pilot survey is to be conducted in February 2009 which will look
at the attitudes and intentions of employees working in the
tourism and hospitality industry. The survey, organised through
the Southern Tasmanian Youth Transitions Taskforce, is funded by
Skills Tasmania with support from the Tourism Industry Council of
Tasmania. This will be the first time a survey of this nature directed
at the tourism industry has been conducted in the state.

Data collected from the survey is expected to be available in March
and will be analysed to provide information for an industry
employment overview. Results will first be considered by the
Industry Workforce Initiative, which has advised the Taskforce and
includes representatives from Tourism Tasmania, the Tourism
Council, University of Tasmania (UTAS), Drysdale Institute, Skills
Tasmania and a number of young hospitality employees, and is
chaired by Toni Brown from the Federal Group and a member of the
Taskforce Management Committee. The findings will then be
presented and discussed in a broader tourism and hospitality forum.

The Taskforce is extremely hopeful that the survey will provide
valuable information for workforce planning and development that
will greatly assist the tourism and hospitality industry and ensure that
people entering the industry will have positive and meaningful
employment experiences which will help build their futures.
For further information please contact Gerry White (Project
Manager, Southern Tasmanian Youth Transitions Taskforce) on
(03) 6270 2242 or email
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Maggie said...

I'd be very interested to see the results of this survey, And I'd be interested to see a copy of the survey form.

sir grumpy said...

Hello Rita, going off post, but referring to a previous one....

We bought some Bok's Bacon today and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Taste memory can be cruel but I didn't think this Bok's was any different to the stuff I last bought (which was a while back as, Like Steve, I'm trying to trim a little!).
I sliced most of the fat and rind from it and had it with eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes. Frid in olive oil and a little butter, it was very good.
I noticed Nicholsons are doing a Nicko's Bacon and will try that next week.
Maybe those who felt that Bok's had changed were just getting the usual variation. I mean every pig is different and hell, that's half the fascination.
So, I'm still a happy camper with Bok's.

Rita said...

That's fine Sir G. Happy to hear from you again. Glad you're getting enjoyment from your Boks. Maybe it was serendipitous for me, but I haven't had my usual Eggs & Bacon brekky since I ran out of Lee's bacon, so maybe I am being forced into the same place as Steve - cutting out the fatty components of my diet.

Rita said...

Sorry Maggie - didn't respond to you. I'd love to see both the questions and the results of it too. Will keep an eye out & see if I can find out.