Thursday, 14 May 2009

Followup food 'club' news

The below message is from Claire who is handling the club details....

Hello Fellow Foodies
We have decided to postpone the first ‘Hobart – Let’s Eat’ dinner, which was planned for next Monday night (18th May) at Grub Cafe in New Town, for a while. Although the response we have had to the initial idea was very encouraging, and responses to the dinner invitation show that there are people who are interested, we would like to develop the idea a little further.

We would like to promote the idea to various industry related businesses, look at the possibility of some type of support and sponsorship, as well as advertise the concept to the wider Hobart community through the press, radio, gourmet stores and restaurants.

Thank you for your support and we will be in touch soon with dates and places.

Posted on by Rita


Anonymous said...

Does that mean it won't happen, or just be later?

sir grumpy said...

Oh dear, Rita, is this all getting too complex?

Rita said...

No fear Sir G and Anon 1.11. It will all happen but just want to do it in a more targetted way. Claire is the brains behind the operation, and I have the utmost confidence in her.

May Not Become a Hobart Foodie now said...

Thats really disappointing. I liked the idea of a 'casual' get together with a smaller group advertised through your site.. because the people that read you blog are the ones that would be really interested and care. If you advertise it to the wider community i think it will lose its appeal..

Rita said...

Oh May Not Become a Hobart Foodie - please come along. I'm sure Claire will read your comment and want to reply, but I'm of the same mind as you - I prefer the small, more casual group eating than a larger affair, so rest assured that whatever form it takes, it will still be a fun and casual meal for those like us who are interested in food for food's sake, not the larger production events which feature food as more of an elitist thing.
I too won't be attending if it evolves into a grandiose event full of wannabe's!
The fact that I have this blog which I obviously love surely points to the fact that I have more than a passing interest in food and the hospitality industry.

Sami said...

Hello all,
I would like this to be something special and I think this involves doing it properly from the start. I have no grandiose plans, I don't have the time and energy for that, but I do want something that people will want to be involved in, and something that is self sustaining, not fizzle out after the third month. So please hang in there while we make this into something great. By the way 'May Not Become A Hobart Foodie' did I see your name on the RSVP list?

May Not Become a Hobart Foodie now said...

Your right, my name was not on the list... being a quiet person I had not 100% decided if I wanted to commit to paying an annual fee and join the group so i didn't "RSVP" to Rita or yourself, although I did call Grub and put in my interest. I liked the idea of an impromptu 'get together' to suss everything out first - but thats only because i wanted to see what exactly what would happen and what the topics of conversation would be. I may still go.. We will all have to wait and see.