Saturday, 16 May 2009

New and Green in New Town

Rita’s oldest daughter Nellie was delighted with her new café discovery of the Green Store (apologies if I have the name wrong) in New Town (the old Manna Bakery). She reports having gone there the other day with her two offspring, where they enjoyed the most delicious cupcakes ever. She also says they do the very best of pies of all varieties, as close to the homemade article as possible.

Word is that all those in the know in the New Town area are queuing to get in there – so it looks like a visit from Rita is on the cards.

Posted on by Rita


Maggie said...

I drove past today and very much wanted to go inside, but no luck, much to busy. I look forward to your review I hope to get there soon for those pies!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes an actual address for an establishment might help those of us who are fairly new to Tasmania.

Otherwise, love all the culinary tease …

Rita said...

Hi & welcome Anon 10.56. Sorry for the lack of specific address, but before I wrote the post, I googled variations of the name Green Store, plus Manna Bakehouse, so I could be accurate about both the name of the place plus give the address. The address I got for Manna was Springfield Ave, and nothing for Green Store on New Town Road, so I can't help you any further today, but when I get out there to check it out (which will be the end of next week some time) I'll get specifics and make sure the details are here.

Meanwhile I can tell you it's opposite New Town Pharmacy and Newsagents. Think Talbot Hotel area. On the left hand side (heading out to the northern suburbs) of the main road that was Elizabeth St when it runs through Nth Hobart but changes its name to New Town Road after the Augusta Rd lights (then turns magically into Main Rd Moonah when it reaches Moonah!!.

Glad you're enjoying the 'culinary tease' here too, and I hope you're adding your 'take' on things!

Stephen said...

I visited a couple of weeks ago - they were selling bottled water for dogs. That smacks of conspicuous consumption, so I walked out.

The pies etc looked really good though...

Anonymous said...

popped in yesterday... i think it is the Organic Green Store Rita so perhaps a search that way may help.

Bought myself organic edam cheese and an organic zucchini and wanted to buy a whole lot more but refrained...

however, i did have the most delicious experience at Venus on the Eastern Shore (apologies to Anon but I dont do addresses - but its behind Village Cinemas and next to Baby 2 Kids).

I really struggled to decide what to eat for lunch as the whole menu was enticing... from all day breakfast (saturday only) and then an extensive specials board as well.

I indulged in braised veal shank pie on pea puree and husband had the free range chicken breast schnitzel on italian style 'slaw. Both were hugely divine, at a cost of $17 each.

No room for dessert but we took home a chocolate earthquake cookie which was awesome with my pot of english breakfast tea in the afternoon.

Highly recommended! but dangerous because I also bought a skirt and top on the way out!