Friday, 19 June 2009

Lee Christmas' trip to England

Rita had a lovely chat with Lee Christmas yesterday aboout his recent UK trip. Lee had heaps to tell, and obviously has come back full of renewed enthusiasm for his craft, and for life in general - which is great to see. Pictured above is Lee with his 'mate' Hugh Fearnley-Wettinstall at the River Cottage.

Lee also worked alongside famed Peter Gott, as well as Peter's good friend Clarissa - the remaining "Fat Lady" from "Two Fat Ladies" cooking fame. Clarissa obviously took a huge liking to our Lee as, on the strength of her budding friendship with Lee, is now planning a trip to Tasmania later this year or early next year. She will check out the local food scene, and hopefully cook a meal at Lee's for selected people.

I could have sat at Lee's all afternoon listening to his tales, but sadly that didn't happen as both of us had other priorities. Apart from the food stories I heard, the other main thing I took away from the conversation with Lee was the extremely startling fact that the average age of butchers in the UK is 56. That is astounding. What will the Poms do for meat in 10 years time when the butchers are all retired? How short-sighted is that? Apparently butchering is a career path the British young don't want to go up. So sad.
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Anonymous said...

Thats not Hugh Rita, its Cumper with a wig

Christina said...

Great photo.
Hope you had a great time Lee!
Two of my favourite chefs. although Hugh can go a little off the wall at times, he's very entertaining.

Rita said...

Hmmm - now you come to mention it, Anon, I think you might be right!
Yes Christina - it IS a great pic, and he sent me a few others which I'll add to this post later. It was interesting listening to what Lee said about these places and people - lots of great gossip too! But, a lot probably not suitable for publication. I wish we all could have gone with him, especially to the Farmers Markets he worked at!

sir grumpy said...

Nobody can afford meat in Britain, Rita, so it won't matter.
The toffs in london are down to their last few chops. Everybody else eats burgers and sausages with goodness know what in 'em.
Some of the pies look way suss too.