Monday, 15 June 2009

Zest Cafe


In the city for a business lunch at Zest Café, at the State Library, today. The café was not flat out but constant over the 90 minute period Rita and her boss were there. We both had the soup of the day – which was Carrot and Coriander, and served with sourdough bread. It was satisfactory. I had my usual drink – the milkshake, and once again, it was a letdown, being luke warm.

Zest has been there a good few years now, and is a convenient little place to retain on your radar. It’s a great place for observing the world. It’s central. Whilst I can’t, in all honesty, rave about the food, I’d certainly not dismiss it.

If you haven’t thought about grabbing lunch there, try it for yourself.

Posted on by Rita


sir grumpy said...

You'll have to get into those pies and quiches, Rita.
Blitzed-up soup pisses me off. That one looked like that, I like texture in my soup, Pumpkin with little bits of pumpkine to bite on and maybe an onion or two.
How was the bread? We are having a hard time finding a decent bit of dough.
However, today we had a win with some Italian bread, yes all the way from Italy in a seal-pack.
Toasts magnificently.
How sad is it when you have to buy from offshore to get a bit of bread that's not just some fluff with lots of irrelevant seeds threaded through?
PS you have a BOSS?! I thought you were IN CHARGE. (Of us certainly).

Rita said...

Hey Sir G - yes, I DO have a boss, and it probably is the joke of the organisation, but you need to pity my poor boss! He has his hands full trying to control wayward Rita! In fact I was sitting next to HIS boss yesterday morning, and he asked me if I was still keeping Mark under control!
The bread was OK. You need to buy Steve's bread from RVL if you want a decent loaf. Bad luck he's closing down on Sat for a few weeks while they do some running repairs and catch their breath.