Saturday, 22 August 2009

Once upon a time....

The story goes this way:

A new arrival to Tassie, with mega experience in their specific field of expertise in other parts of the country, and world, comes here to settle and establish themselves as an arbiter of excellence of product and national following. They proclaim their prior experience and credentials loudly to all and sundry, including local and national newspapers, radio and television, as well as state and federal government departments.

All their claims are believed by us – mere mortals living quietly in this perceived backwater state, and not having any cause or reason to dispute said claims.

Slowly, person by person, this immigrant lets us down. They do this in a number of ways: by repeatedly failing to keep their word; by badmouthing others’ products or services and making the erroneous assumption that it won’t get back to the relevant person, or a friend or relative of theirs, and that they won’t be judged, and marked down, for that badmouthing; by taking credit for others work on their behalf; by actually producing bad quality product which in no way measures up to their previous claims.

Silly, shortsighted immigrant.

Posted on by Rita


Anonymous said...

Ooh who is it then Rita, the suspense is killing me!

Rita said...

Actually not about anyone specific really, however some may see commonalities with people they might have known in the past, or maybe know now.

tassieblather said...

L*o Schofi*ld?

Rita said...

TB - I have never heard anything negative said about LS, and have never seen or heard him say negative things about anything in Tassie other than the usual questioning the status quo which we all do.

Anonymous said...

Dave Martin?

Anonymous said...

Rita... I must say this is very unlike you... there must have been a straw that broke the camel's back for this post to be written? or perhaps someone hacked into your account and logged on as you? perhaps the latter may be true.. as i sense a touch of sarcasm with the LS comment (particularly as I could provide you with a book of all the negative things said about him!)


the insider said...

might be a significant staff movement over at bruny cheese

moorilla set to announce their new mainland cheffie

the insider

Rita said...

Anon 11.45 - I know who he is, but don't know him, sorry.
TJ - I left a message on your phone re this.
Insider - love your inside info tidbits. I too heard a rumbling about BIC. Re the new Moorilla chef: we await this announcement with interest.
Keep up the great work! Pity there's not a war on where we could send you in to unearth all the deep, dark secrets!

the insider said...

tetsuya @ moorilla, its official!

Anonymous said...

Matthew Evans and his TV film crew?

The staff at Bruny Island Cheese definitely deserting the sinking ship according to gossip in the General Store. Umm haven't they been working for Matthew too??