Sunday, 23 August 2009

What sushi place in Geeveston?

Well, I don’t know what drugs all those who told me about a new sushi place in Geeveston were on, but try as hard as I could, I didn’t see one sign of anything slightly resembling a sushi place, or even Asian, or even anything selling anything more exotic than f&c or pie and milkshake! We drove up and down the main street, and all associated streets, hunting high and low – but no luck. Asked at the servo in Geeveston, but he denied anything like that existed – let alone in Geeveston!

B & I had trekked to Geeveston, then went on to Dover, just in case my informants had it wrong – but nope!

So – we had to have lunch at the Gingerbreadhouse in Dover. Curried scallop pie (2 scallops, and soggy pastry) and salad cost $11.50. A bit of an anticlimax I have to say, but it was a lovely sunny day, and I hadn’t been down that way for years so it wasn’t all in vain, but I’m sad I couldn’t find the sushi place.

If anyone can enlighten me as to where I went wrong – please do so.

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geeveston said...

directly opposite the blacksmith statue at the bottom of church street in that little bitumen car park. (just below the bendigo bank)
opposite bendigo bank is a lolly/ice cream shop. up the side (bottom (northern) side is the sushi shop.

Rita said...

Oh damn!! I saw the Lolly Shop, and went past it twice! That means I have to go back! Alright, so be it! I'm determined to check it out. Geeveston - any idea of the hours of operation of this sushi place? If I go down again, then find it shut, I'll have to have a public meltdown!

Gina said...

It's very easily missed..I had lunch at the ice cream/lolly shop earlier this year and stumbled across the sushi one afterwards..will have to return too! :)

steve said...

Hi Rita, I swear I wasn't making this up! Though I haven't been there meself but I am told it does exist!

Rita said...

I now believe it actually, really IS there but according to both Geeveston and Gina above, just tucked away where no one can find it!
Hey - a tip to the owners: a SIGN would help, if you're feeling the pinch of a lack of customers!

I'll give it another try to find this place as I look on it now as a bit of a treasure hunt. Let's hope the rewards are there after all the effort expended into finding it!

Nick said...

Rita, were these the same guys at the Taste of Huon this year who were selling sushi? If so, their stuff was great! I had it for lunch on both days.

Christina said...

So you did manage to get away then Rita.
Once we realized nobody would be home down Huon way we ended up going to the new Taroona Lounge.
They've done it up lovely inside.
The menu looked fine, but nothing jumped out and grabbed us.
We sat on one of the lovely lounges and a had a wine or two for a while.
Once the wood fire pizza oven got fired up we decided to share a Margherita pizza.
It read great, garlic, fresh tomato, basil and mozzarella. I decided to add some olives too.
Must say I was a little disappointed. I was expecting fresh basil, so the sprinkle on kind just didn't do it for me. Without the olives it may have been very bland, especially as in my opinion it was undercooked too.
It was quite busy for a Sunday lunch, and others meals looked fine, but I'm not sure I'd go out of my way to get back.
I saw a $19 burger that another table had ordered and was thankful we had refrained actually.
Having said that, the staff were very welcoming and friendly. Maybe they're still settling in.
We ended up at good old Salamanca on such a sunny Sunday and settled in at an outdoor table at Bar Celona. Top move that!
Great Tassie wine, sunshine, massive chicken burger $13.00, crumbed trevalla, chips, greek salad $15.50, friendly staff, Priceless!!
I was so impressed with Bar. I think it must be about 8 years since I've been there and now I'm wondering why.
In case your wondering this has nothing to do with Geeveston, I just wanted to share!
Goodluck finding the sushi place.

Anonymous said...

It's behind the truck,146.927475&spn=0.001465,0.002406&z=19&layer=c&cbll=-43.163274,146.9274&panoid=5oisC5wO13MqUEW7leTrMg&cbp=12,168.39,,0,10.92

Anonymous said...

Opps ... it worked when I tested it Sorry :(

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anon 3.41/44! I tried it but obviously didn't work!

Sir Grumpy san said...

Why go to Geeveston for sushi, why go anywhere for sushi. Raw fish and dry rice rolled in a bit of green tracing paper. Come on. Japanese have very wicked humour of sense.
Aussie gullible very.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.41
Do you mean at the back of Foodworks, the street view thing seems to work.


the insider said...

sir grumpy you are talking like Yoda again!

sir grumpy said...

That's Japanese isn't it? Shit.
Can you call it a restaurant when you just serve up raw fish?

Rita said...

Well, Sir G, restaurants serve Steak Tartare!

Anonymous said...

That bakery in Dover is seriously one of the worst I've ever been to. Actually the geeveston one comes close, nothing made on site.

Anonymous said...

Yep Annon 6:23 pm 24/08 .. it's the behind the truck ... red signage

Christina said...

On our travels on Sunday we called in to Lipscombes Larder.
Among other things, we purchased a loaf of Dark Rye.
I'm unsure whether their bread is baked on site or where it comes from, but this is the best Dark Rye I've ever had!
Having polished off the first loaf, Phil called in today and got us another. It is so good!!!!!

The Boys said...

Someone mentioned the boys. Could it be the boys at DS internet cafe in Huonville? They live in Geeveston. I hope not. And, why would anyone go to Geeveston for Sushi?

sir grumpy said...

When I fist moved here I thought it was a cold weather alert Gee Vest ON. Oh, that's bad, that's my worst yet.

Anonymous said...

Can I suggest you get one of the nurses to go and find your medication Sir G and even better, at the same time, get them to pull the plug out of whatever you use to post on poor Rita's blog.

Thank you Anon 6.47 for the street view, the place is at the back of Foodworks directly opposite the Bendigo bank near the bottom of Church St.

With only two or three main streets in Geeveston, anybody must be able to find this place when it is open.

And that is the only question left.


sir grumpy said...

Oh, thanks P. I think my medication is lost, just like your sense of humour.