Thursday, 17 September 2009


You may have noticed that Rita has been quieter than usual lately. That is because it is full-on tender-writing time at work, with every ounce (or gram, for you Gen X, Y and Z's) of composing creativity wrung out of Rita daily for the past three weeks, from 7.30 am till 7.00 pm!

The few spare hours in between work days has been spent panting on the lounge at home, mindlessly looking at the TV screen, and trying to dredge up the required strength to drag the rapidly aging body into jamas and bed - and then to start the procedure all over again next morning at 5.30!

So - a fair bit of reasonably average takeaway has been consumed at work lately. But this changed last night when I popped into Darjoh's in Cambridge Rd, Bellerive for a container of their Thai Beef Salad ($8.50 for t/a).

Now you all know me well by now. You know I have a coven of Thai girlfriends who regularly cook with, and for, me. You know I love Asian, and particularly Thai, food. You must know that a Thai Beef Salad rates up there amongst my all time faves, as it has done for around 20 years.

So - when I make the huge pronouncement that the Thai Beef Salad from Darjoh's is THE best Thai Beef Salad I have ever had in my life, you'll understand that for the impactful statement I mean it to be!

And so it WAS last night - so what did I do tonight? Of course - I returned for another dose of the same. And did it match up to last night's? Oh yes!

C, N and I popped in there tonight to get away from our desks for a half hour break at 5.00 pm. I had a steamed prawn dumpling entree to start with (4 dumplings for $10), then the Thai Beef Salad entree ($10 to eat in). That amount of food was enough to totally satisfy me. The salad comes with sticky rice and, naturally, salad ingredients. It is the most perfect meal I can imagine, and I think I might need to place a permanent order to be collected each night on my way home from work.

So - I know it's a total backflip from my summation of Darjoh's around a year ago, but I am more than happy to put my hand up to having stuffed up there!

I am happy to endorse Darjoh's as MY recommended best Hobart Thai restaurant. Go there - you won't be sorry you did.
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Anonymous said...

Good recommendation Rita. We love it there and glad to see you gave it a second chance. We go along with what you say about the food at Darjohs.

Victor said...

Wow, Rita - I will have to try the place. I heard about it a few years ago. Been there once to find it but was shut.

lemon curd said...

Where is it?

Rita said...

Victor - you really must try it there, and report back to us here after you do please.
It's in Cambridge Rd, Bellerive, Lemon Curd.

Darjoh's asian cuisine said...

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Snuva said...

The husband and I had take away from here this evening, Rendang Daging and Red Curry Duck. Both were fantastic!

We also took a friend visiting from the mainland to Churros Cafe for lunch. (Still excellant; old favourite menu items alive and well but they've been rotating other things through.) Over lunch I found out he is your brother. :-)

Rita said...

Hey Snuva - now you've got me curious! I'll have to check with said brother and find out his opinion of Churros! Did he tell you about family reunion lunch at Home Hill?

Snuva said...

I think Said Brother enjoyed Churros; he even took photos of their menu board so he could brag about paella and churros. Yes, he told us about the family reunion lunch at Home Hill - though not in the detail you would! :-)

Anonymous said...

just ordered takeaway and got home to find no rice - went back and was charged $4.50!! being somewhat annoyed I rang up annon and was told rice was included with t/away - meal was very ordinary - do your self a favour and go somewhere else

Anonymous said...

never had a problem with darjohs take away. its always an absoloute delight. i go there quite often.
always superb meals.