Saturday, 28 November 2009

Changes, changes everywhere, but if you, sit and stare, they stay the same

As this year slowly but inexorably drags to an end, I find myself looking for another job

Having worked for the past 4 years in my current role under a federal government initiative, the government have decided they would like to achieve the same outcomes but in a different way, so have closed down my program, thus (selfishly) leaving Rita with valuable experience in many things but no actual job of work!

This decision actually involves many thousands of similarly qualified and experienced people across the country, so it’s not like they said one day “We don’t like the shoes Rita in Hobart is wearing today so we’ll close down her program”!

Whilst totally understanding and condoning the reasons behind this, it has resulted in once again my being in a situation where many people ranging in age from early 20’s to 60+ are being forced into the position of job hunting. Having already gone through that scenario in 1996-8, when the, at that time, new Liberal federal government (under Mr Howard) got elected into power and proceeded to implement many startling reforms, one of which was closing down the Commonwealth Employment Service (CES) where Rita was gainfully employed, this time round has been much easier to contemplate.

The reaction in general to facing an unknown future is daunting for most. When people have specific living expenses, standards and expectations, to not know how they will meet all their obligations, and survive in the way they have till now, is scary.

Observing those around me as they go through the paces of scouring the papers and internet, writing job applications, going for interviews, the rejection letters or calls, is at times heartwrenching.

However, the biggest thing I learnt from the 1998 period is that it really is true – that old chestnut about one door closing and another door opening. So many people faced the turmoil of uncertainty at that time, and look at them now. They’re still alive, and they’re fine. And so will my comrades at work today be fine. We’ll all go our separate ways, and meet each other occasionally in the future, maybe in a supermarket aisle, and fondly reminisce, and we’ll all be OK.

Change is good. It should be obligatory. Rita is looking forward to whatever 2010 brings, whether it’s pauperism or prosperity. It looks to me like an unopened present under this year’s Christmas tree. I don’t care whether it’s washing up in someone’s restaurant kitchen, or running a company – bring it on! I’m excited about my mystical future. I’ll probably take you along with me too, if you want to keep reading this blog into 2010!

PS – anyone want an enthusiastic worker who loves singing Neil Sedaka songs?

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Anonymous said...

I wish the best of luck in your job search and 2010

steve said...

I concur, good luck for 2010 Rita.

I do have one question for you though.

Will you reveal your tue identity once you have left your current position?

Just a thought?

Rita said...

Thanks for the good wishes. Hmm, a good question Steve. On the one hand, yes, happy to reveal the true name, but the real 'me' was revealed the minute I started blogging! The name I call myself is irrelevant really. I have actually grown into an acceptance of being called the name 'Rita', as quite a few do now, so to me it's a bit like the appelation of 'Granny' - ie not my given name but a name I'm happy to be known by anyway.

Anonymous said...

I know Ritas real name!!!

Christina said...

I know Rita's real name too, but can't help myself, and whenever we're together, call her Rita anyway.
I think she's good with it, and I look at it as kind of an affectionate nickname.
Goodluck to you Rita on your job search.
I'm pretty sure your over qualified for a kitchen hand, but God bless.
I know with your experience, wisdom and outlook, you will be a Godsend to any employer and your talents will never be wasted.
I od agree with you about change being a good thing sometimes.
As a Tauraus and a Christina, I profess to hate change, but must add it has always worked out for the best in my immediate situation. It's just the thought of it I'm not into.
Maybe just a touch too apprehensive, but as I grow older, am slowly learning to take advantage of all opportunites.

Christina said...

By the way, do you know Calendar Girl?

Anonymous said...

Rita: Its a shame food blogging does not pay money. But you DO earn respect. Respect of many. :)
Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Why not open your own business!!!!

Michelle said...

Oh Rita, it's so unsettling when something like this happens. You're amazing to take such a positive outlook. I hope something fabulous comes along soon.

But I can highly recommend dishwashing, I really can!


Rita said...

Thanks Christina. When I read your question did I know Calendar Girl, I instantly thought you were wanting me to be a calendar girl (to earn money!) as in the movie where the older girls posed naked, then realised you meant the Neil Sedaka song! Yes, I do!
BTW - you saying I'm overqualified as a dishwasher sounds like an employer a few years back. I have always wanted to do reception work in a hotel, and applied for one such job advertised in the Mercury. I got an interview but didn't get the job, even though I dumbed down my resume, and tried to downplay the other work I'd done. They obviously didn't believe me when I said it was something I really wanted to do - and still do! The reason they gave was that I was overqualified and they thought I'd get bored in the role after a few months. I dispute this.
Thanks Anon 7.31 - that's a nice thing to say about me.
Anon 7.32 - I'm thinking you might know I've been there, done that before. Much as I miss it, in one way, I'm more than happy for someone else to foot the bill for the power, wages etc and me just to do the work for them.

Rita said...

Michelle - I can't think of anything more restful than dishwashing so I agree with you - and took on board what you told me a few weeks ago about your job.

Anonymous said...

Macccas are always hiring!!!

Only joking Rita. I do imagine you would be great working in industry.

If I were you, I'd try for a job at Drysdale.

Anon2 said...

Dear Rita
Sorry to hear about the work situation. I'm sure that someone as multi-skilled as yourself - people skills, administrative, hospitality, community service etc etc - will sooned be snapped up by any discerning employer or potential business partner. Just be sure that you choose someone that meets YOUR standards!

Thanks so much for your kindness in acknowledging Mum's recent passing. It's still a daily battle dealing with the reality of her absence but I'm consoled by the ease and dignity of her departure.
Best Wishes

Rita said...

Anon 8.30 - I just might take your sage advice and queue up at the Drysdale door on 2nd Jan, resume in hot little hand, for that!
Hi Anon2. It was lovely to read your comment, above, on the blog. I have been thinking a lot about you, especially when I was chatting with Maggi B a few weeks ago when I met her in the street.
Am hoping to have this years annual Rita Xmas dinner soon (pending Nellie's absence from her WH abode), so will be in touch with you about that.
Re what I was saying in this post, you're a prime example of someone doing well after a layoff at work. Thanks for the encouraging words.

lemon curd said...

Good luck with it all Rita.
I recently found myself unemployed after over a decade in F&B. Finding something was really difficult, and I got knocked back with the "You're too experienced, you'll get bored" excuse time after time. I even went hunting for non-hospitality positions, dumbed down the resume, but still to no avail.
However I put aside the "Christ lets just get something" mentality and became more selective, and have landed in an exciting job that really stimulates me. It meant waiting a bit longer, and giving the credit cards a little bit of a work out, but it is certainly paying dividends now.
I admire your approach to the end of your job though. Others may simply accept that the end is nigh, and ask what are we to do. I get the feeling that, while you know the end result is your job comes to an end, YOU are dictating how this will affect you. Being self aware is such an important noble human response isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Rita: is that seriously how you get a job at Drysdale?

Considering *one* particular staff member who is a complete twat/clot, it wouldn't surprise me!

He/she lacks understanding of even the most basic conceptual matters, and really has no idea whatsoever about anything hospitality-related.

And obviously expects students to believe his/her arrant nonsense.

Nuf Sed.

Rita said...

Thanks for those words of encouragement LC - glad your patience paid off too - let's hope my future goes the same way!
Nuf Sed - no, that's definitely not the way you get a job in Drysdale! I was being flippant. Apologies if anyone else took me seriously.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rita

Irelevant to this topic but IMPORTANT ALL THE Same :)

Page 9 todays Mercury says Drysdale Xmas Shop starts tomorrow at 11 - not Wednesday. It continues on wednesday if anything left.

Anonymous said...

Rita - My apoligies
Dates re Drysdale on your site were correct. Went to go to drysdale for shopping today and sign outside says mercury stuffed up dates/times published.

sir grumpy said...

Sorry to hear you've been cast adrift by our caring government, Rita.
Hope someone realises what a catch you'd be.

duck leg said...

Hi Rita,

As you might remember I went from being a chef to a hotel receptionist and now im running the show. There are plenty of Front Office positions coming - Quest Savoy, Rydges, just to name a few!!
Keep at it, you would be perfect for a job on the front desk of a hotel. We need more people that are passionate about Tassie and what to see, do and eat!!!

Good luck for 2010!

Rita said...

Sir G - I hope so too. Thanks.
Hey Duck Leg - the dementia's really getting to me - it took me a few days but it just suddenly hit me who you are when I was re-reading the last comments on this post! I'd forgotten! Sorry about that! I'll be calling you about a job soon - be warned! (And please don't hold the dementia against me!)

Nuf Sed said...

Rita: You should serisouly try to get a retail job at Habitat!!!! You know all the beautiful stuff they line their shelves with?

Staff get a 30% discount! How good is that.