Sunday, 29 November 2009

Hobart Noodle

An unassuming little place Rita has been meaning to get along to for many months, and which fellow blogger Maggie wrote about a few months back, is the noodle place in Letitia St, North Hobart, called Hobart Noodle.

I first observed this funny little place a good while back (maybe a few years ago), noting its odd opening hours and equally odd signage, which inferred it was a noodle and tea house.

I had often wanted to pop in there to see exactly what the deal was but at the times I was there thinking those very thoughts, the place was never open so I never got to see what was occurring within. It seemed to close down a while, then re-opened, dropping the tea focus and appearing to be a noodle house – probably a lot better recognized and acknowledged by the local populace than a tea house.

A few friends had raved about this place to me, with one particular workmate almost daily telling me what Daniel (noodle maker extraordinaire, if you’re to believe my workmate) had made for their takeaway dinner last night! She also raves about Daniel’s wife’s handmade delicacies (both sweet and savoury), which apparently make a rare-ish but brief appearance, as they jump off the shelves at all comers!

Forget expensive fitout, impressive napery and tableware, snappy (teenage) service. What you’ll get here is the genuine article – food prepared and made by a passionate believer in good health and the food that enables this.

Daniel, Taiwanese-born, and wife Maple are a simple, unsophisticated couple devoted to their product – noodles. They typify, to me, the many hard-working Asians who make their homes in Australia and try to forge a living amongst people who would probably appear to them as totally foreign in language, habits and characteristics.

They are instinctively honest and true to themselves and what they want to achieve – an ethos I admire tremendously. There is no glitz and glamour about these two people. They are quiet, straightforward hard workers. What you see is exactly what you get.

The shop is set up as a takeaway, as there are only two tables there – obviously used for waiting for your NOT pre-prepared noodle dish of choice to be cooked.

Bec and I had takeaway from there the other night, and chatted to them for another 15 minutes, thus ensuring our noodles were well and truly cold when we arrived home – but it didn’t matter, as they were beautiful anyway, and we managed to have leftovers for lunch at work the following day too.

There is no commercially printed menu, or handouts for public information. I was given their own copy of the menu to take home for reference later.

Daniel is aiming for providing totally organic noodles in the foreseeable future, so concerned about good health as he is. Most dishes seemed to be $8.50 for takeaway. Bec and I selected a fried rice, and basil stir fry noodles – both of which were good. I’ll be honest and say they weren’t the most outstanding dishes I’ve had in my life but for the credibility behind them, I am more than happy to support this family business any time.

So – if there’s an opportunity for you to have takeaway one weekday for lunch or dinner, and you feel like giving Daniel a go, get along there. It’s probably wise to call and order in advance too if you’re the type of person who likes to go in and take out immediately!

12 Letitia Street, North Hobart
6234 5005
Mon-Fri 12-2 pm, 5-8 pm

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Anonymous said...

We went there a while ago and had the rendang curry and tom yum. Talk about yum.

Victor said...

I am with you on this, Rita. I enjoyed eating there and talked to both Dan and Maple.

Anonymous said...

Interested to know if you've had anyone take you up on your review offer. Maybe you could send an expression of interest to the Mercury. A new food critic is long overdue.

Rita said...

Glad you've been in to Hobart Noodle, Victor.
Anon - I'm glad Graham P is the food person for The Merc, as I find the flak copped here on the blog at times tough, so can't imagine how hard that gig would be!

Anonymous said...

A good friend of mine is a regular there, she RAVES about the Pad Thai noodle.