Tuesday, 10 November 2009

What's in the treasure chest?

In Huonville today for a meeting which finished round lunch time, a work colleague and I decided we’d take pot luck with eating locally instead of returning to town and lunching in the city.

So, putting my food blogger’s hat on, I mentally did a quick runaround of all available eateries in the area, trying to decide what and where. Now call me fussy but I actually don’t call places like Banjos, Legs and Breasts, pizza places and fast food outlets proper eateries. I was trying to think of cafes or restaurants that actually hand you a menu.

So that meant Huonville was out of the question immediately. Huon Manor is too formal for what we had in mind, and the balance of cafes there aren’t what I wanted. That left Franklin. Drove to Franklin (at correct speed luckily, as we passed two speed cameras en route), and ended up at Petty Sessions. I have eaten there quite a few times in the past and always enjoyed it, but today, just one look at the menu, the prices and the surroundings made me look at my companion and simultaneously we both got up and walked out!

Apart from transferring whatever sticky bit of grot was caked on the menu when the owner handed it to me on entering, I got nothing out of trying to find something light but appealing on the menu. With one of the cheapest menu items being toasted sandwiches at $13.90, to quote The Castle, “Tell him he’s dreaming”!

So we turned around and headed back down the main road a few metres to Little Treasures or similar name. On the site of fellow blogger Victor’s former Asian restaurant Melaca, this café looked to be promising.

Unfortunately, and sadly, no.

What I’m going to say about this business applies to the majority of smaller owner/operator hospitality businesses in Tasmania, and annoys the hell out of me.

How many times do we have to talk about CLEAN MENUS? For gods sake, how hard is it to print out more copies off your computer if your menu is grubby, or wipe a plastic covered menu over every day?

In the same way that we all know everyone judges us by what we look like and how we come across to them, then the same applies to what your restaurant looks like – and the first component of this is the menu. Have a clean restaurant with an eclectic, ill-matching set of tables, chairs, crockery etc and all will be forgiven if the food tastes great, you’ve quite obviously made an effort to maintain standards and you yourself are dressed in neat, clean clothes.

Blowflies buzzing round the windowsill of the window I’m sitting beside whilst awaiting my food definitely does nothing to enhance your credibility with me. Likewise, the sight of grease, dirt and dust over all visible (to the public) surfaces, both in the open kitchen and dining room, also provides me with some insight as to your definition of hygiene.

Grotty clothes on the unkempt kitchen worker who is preparing my food also turns me off. I hesitate to use the word ‘cook’ or ‘chef’ as I am making an assumption that someone who studied and worked hard for 4 years to complete his Cert 3 or 4 in Commercial Cookery will have a bit more pride in his appearance, or awareness of general kitchen hygiene, than that, or maybe not?

I know many people simply aren’t bothered by the things I’ve mentioned. They seem quite oblivious to the hygiene aspect of eating. That’s fine. That just means they are happy to accept the status quo – whatever it is. That means that if someone like me comes in and expects a higher status quo, and it subsequently happens, then the status quo accepters will still be happy with things because they weren’t bothered with things before, and they still aren’t bothered now.

As for Little Treasures, I wish I had known about it and eaten there when Victor owned it, having observed him working in his kitchen at home on Sunday. This guy is anal about cleanliness, tidiness and hygiene – a characteristic I very much admire, and would desire in every single person who works in the hospitality industry.

Whilst the food at Treasures was probably innocuous enough and fine, I couldn’t gain any solace from it due to the obvious general slack attitude throughout the whole restaurant to cleanliness, so only had a few mouthfuls then had to leave it.

So, for those who aren’t fussed about the provenance of their food; who are happy to eat the utter crap that the two major supermarket chains offer as chemical replacements for true, natural food; who can’t be bothered taking the time (for the benefit of their own bodies) to shop at the Farmers Market, their local butcher and greengrocers - go for it. Eat at greasy spoons everywhere and anywhere because they proliferate.

But don’t blame me when you find you’ve got prostate cancer, or heart disease, or food poisoning.

Posted on by Rita


Anonymous said...

Petty Sessions is such a well located restaurant it should be heaving. Sadly the owner is not well liked or respected in the community & the chef is tired of cooking. They should close, sell & let someone who really cares about service & cooking take it over lest it become on of those places that we read that tourists hate about Tasmania.
I remember Melaka fondly. All I can say is that the name of the new place is so cringingly bad that I cannot bring myself to enter it.
Please can someone open a decent place in Franklin, I beg of you...

sir grumpy said...

Ahem, Rita...``anal about cleanliness''.
I know what you mean, but?
Me and the missus often wonder why Cygnet can do justice to our bellies and morale but bigger Huonville just cannot.
What is it? It's been like that forever.

Anonymous said...

Its easy Sir G, Cygnet makes you belly feel good where Huonville will rectum

Anonymous said...

Sorry, meant 'will wreck them'.

purpleprincess said...

I couldnt agree more about the menu rita...and as for that little treasure place....well it should be buried...to put it mildly!! we had a dreadful meal there...never to return

Tassiegal said...

I'm surprised you didnt drive to Cygnet and eat at RVL Rita!

Rita said...

Anon 9.38 and others - I agree wholeheartedly about the general choice of eating out on that whole Huonville to Dover route. It is abysmal. Huonville is simply embarrassing; Franklin used to be the better option but after yesterday I think I need to amend my thinking. The only other option in Franklin was Aqua Grill, which I hadn't realised till I returned to Hobart yesterday and read Steve's post, is under new ownersip, so that might still be an option, but failing that, there is precious little, gastronomically-speaking, to attract you to eat locally in that area. It's such a shame because there are so many things to see and do down there, and obviously we need to refresh ourselves.

Heaps of people travel there for many reasons. Maybe all eatery owners there are of the opinion that because people patronise their establishments, then they themselves are keeping up with other eateries, and offering top nosh when in reality, people are just going there because there is simply no other place to go, they're close by and it's time to eat!

Huonville is a dog's dinner of a place anyway. Despite it being my hometown, there has not been one single time I've returned or driven through that I haven't felt pissed off that it has been allowed to deteriorate in the way it has. Huon Valley Council need to take a serious look at consistency of buildings, street presentation, and finally the licencing of food outlets.

There is not a single reason why one would want to voluntarily stop there for a prolonged amount of time, unless, like me, you have relatives there.

TG - that was obviously, for me, the first and only option, but I figured it was probably a good chance to check out other options for once, as, since my love affair with RVL commenced, I never contemplate going anywhere else when down the Huon.

Apart from the few places further down (the mythical sushi place in Geeveston, and maybe the place in Dover that was wood fired pizza) it's extremely slim pickings food-wise.

I understand it from an owner's point of view too, don't get me wrong. I understand about waiting round for customers; throwing out good food going bad from lack of patrons; trying to pay bills from b-all profits etc. I don't claim to know all the answers.

The solution for me is easy: take a picnic lunch to the valley, or eat at RVL, whose food I trust! Unashamedly one-eyed but true, for me!

Victor said...

Hi Rita - that is shocking! When I sold the place to the current owners, they were very enthusiastic about the place, area and business. I can't say I like what they have done to the place. They were lovely people. They are giving "exactly" what most of the locals in the area wants. That is the sad thing.

Anonymous said...

i find it quite amusing for someone like you rita that eats at so many dreadful places to stick the knife in to this little place on the periphery of the culinary wasteland that that is hobart and surrounds. i'm sure it's quite bad,but someone that writes "bring it on" in support of one of worst products one can consume krispy kreme donuts.it becomes difficult to see where you draw your healty food line?

Anonymous said...

& by the way, is that the menu for the Top Pub (Cygnet Art Hotel) Rita?

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first comment. Petty Sessions is aptly named. The owner has attempted to sell the business (unsuccessfully) on basically an annual basis. The price tag of $1 million probably putting any potential buyer off. Now separated from her husband, it is clear she is no longer interested in running the business. The food is mediocre at best, and substandard for what purports to be a "gourmet experience". Ask any of the locals if they've been there and the usual response is "yes, once."

Once seems to be enough.

As for Little Treasures, well it's catering for a local market.

It is Franklin after all. If I were to consider opening a food business there, I'd probably just serve chips n gravy and chiko rolls and make a killing!!

Anonymous said...

Quite. Food at Petty Sessions is very average.

Rita said...

Anon 7.52 - you are quite right to question my taste preferences and health issue decisions. I was intending writing a long discourse on the blog tonight about my attendance last night at Cyndy O'Meara's two hour talk on healthy food etc, but will cut to the chase here in responding to you.

Basically, I thought long and hard many years ago about what food goes into my mouth (and hence, body), and that thinking, together with my diagnosis of terminal cancer at round that time, combined to dictate exactly what foodstuffs I would eat in the future, what foodstuffs I love and want to eat, what foodstuffs I should cut out etc.

I also combined the above with the discovery of the fact that the human body is now lasting much longer after death (without decaying as fast as in previous times) as a direct result of the huge amount of preservatives we eat in our diets over the course of our lives.

I decided that as much as was personally in my control I would dictate, making due allowance for the time/money etc I was able or prepared to commit to it.

I now indulge in certain things which in someone else's diet would/could be perceived as an unhealthy and unnecessary additive. In my whole scheme of things, these things consitiute my indulgences, and I will always have them.

I don't smoke, drink alcohol, take drugs etc - for no reason than that I don't feel any need to, for myself. The rest of you are more than welcome to drink/smoke/drug yourself to death as much as you like! My choice is not to do it in that particular way.

So yes, I DO like Krispy Kremes, eclairs and a few other sweet indulgences, but don't have a regular (or even irregular, for that matter) diet of fried fatty foods, soft drinks, white bread etc. I buy specific meat and fish at specific butchers and fishmongers; fruit & veg at Hill St/markets/Salad Bowl/individual producers; bread ONLY from RVL or Ut Si's.

I make my own vege and chicken stock, and biscuits, as well as meals from scratch. I use my freezer heaps. I stew fruit and freeze it, for desserts. I work hard to ensure I'm not just blindly following where everyone else seems to be going, but listening to my own body and its needs, plus having fun while I'm doing it.

Lecture over....

BTW - Anon 8.01 - that's not the Top Pub menu - it's the menu from Little Treasures.

Anonymous said...


Open a decent food place in Tassie.

You would have no competition, because everywhere else seems to have gone to shit!

You would make a killing.

Problem is you would need
- Decent staff (impossible)
- Passionate staff (unlikely)
- Well trained staff (no such thing in Tasmania)
- People who are prepared to spend money on a dining experience (Not in tasmania)

Good luck...

sir grumpy said...

I think it would have to be more than just a money-making idea, Anon.
People have to live, but maybe a bit of love of their craft has to enter the equation.
I'm sure the chefs on this blog will tell me there's a hell of a lot of hassle in the profession, many I'm sure will also admit they LOVE it.
Maybe best for those times when the place is humming, the staff on good form, the customers glowing and buying decent wine to go with the food.
However, I'm sure it must be heart-breaking to get a bad review, or to put together a great day's menu and have no-one turn up.

Popinjay said...

Wow Rita,

After that tirade about how shit food is here it truly is a wonder why you continue updating this blog.

Maggie said...

Interesting discussion. Being vehicle-less myself I hardly get far enough away from Hobart to sample the small town places, and I, like most other "tourists" would really just be taking an educated guess as well.

Strangely, I really feel like eating Legs and Breasts now. That is so terrible! Must show restraint...

sir grumpy said...

I used to think Legs and Bristols had home-made (and very good) chips.
I still like them but saw a delivery of box upon box of frozen, pre cut chips with words like ultra-crisp fries on the boxes.
Wonder what's in em and on em? Anybody still cut their own chips from local spuds? Or is that just too ridiculous?

hrv said...

Some better restaurants

Anonymous said...

Money idea anon you sound so jaded was the planet you came from so full of oportunity-gee what was stopping you making a go of it there? Maggie its not suprising you'll eat legs and breasts but you chastise KFC, what the difference, you dont seem to be a foodie by your blog.

sir grumpy said...

I don't know if food blogging could evolve, Rita.
By which I mean, instead of maybe getting an anonymous reply from a disenchanted cafe or restaurant owner, invite them openly to engage the points you made.
Cost, service, cleanliness, food itself, etc.
A measured and open dialogue might be good for us all.
Reviewer, reader and restaurateur. What do ya think? (All).

Maggie said...

Anon 8.07

I'm not a foodie. I write about food. Big difference.

Rita said...

Great idea Sir G - now to find one!

Anonymous said...

$13.90 for a toastie. You know I would pay that if it was guaranteed to knock my socks off and showed some imagination with its taste combinations. Some how I guess its not going to be the case though is it Rita.
I think with cafes its difficult for them to meet all comers which is what they will get as customers. Perhaps the key, is that what they provide should be the best that they can provide; some examples of basic but well done cafe food:

macaroons (pigeon hole)
chips (rvl)
Burger (juiced up)
Toasted fingers (certain place in battery point was famous for it once)
Soup (c'mon how hard can it be)
Breakfast (smith street store, Farmgate cafe kettering)
Bakery goods (jackman & McRoss)
Cakes (Stop buying that mainland shit, bake an apple pie for gods sake, make eclairs, lemon tart etc).
I could go on for hours but I think its best opened up as a debate for all.
You know, its a fair bet that all those tourists the premier is wanting to chuck some cash at will mainly eat at a cafe as they tour around in their camper vans. Perhaps he would be better spending his (our) wad, on looking at what experiences most tourists will have of this state and producing the good cafe guide with three greasy spoon ratings for the best.
I'm not suggesting that every punter is greeted by a giggeling Barbara windsor or Sid James either, but for christ sakes if you ain't got any personality then do'nt get into hospitality.


Rita said...

I love your work Cartouche! You've hit the nail on the head I think, and I also sense a bit of insider information contained within your listing of cheap but cheerful cafes! Seriously, I agree. It is possible to provide quality cafe food and that ideally should be what the industry aims for, but unfortunately there will always be the fast food cowboys who only see eating in terms of the money to be made out of it, rather than the more earth-mother approach to food that others go into the industry with.

I suspect there is no solution to this, but hey, there's no harm imagining, eh?

reb said...

"Huonville (is) my hometown. I don't smoke, drink alcohol, take drugs etc.

What went wrong...?

Rita said...

Reb - I like to think it's called 'using your intelligence'! Naturally I tried the smoking (once, out my bedroom window as a 14 yo - it tasted disgusting so never did it again) and drinking (occasionally have a glass of sticky, or a shandy on a hot day) but never persisted with those activities enough to gain a full-blown addiction to them. Never even tried the drug thing (not dope, not anything). Thought it was a stupid thing to do to (presumably) block out, albeit temporarily, the perceived awfulness of your day to day life, or to indulge yourself with some kind of perverse pleasurable feeling of 'high-ness'. I would much rather look at my life, discover what the actual cause of my unhappiness is and rectify that, than take a drug that makes me forget about it for a while. If I want to feel happy, I can easily do this and, once again, don't require chemical simulation of same!

In fact, I'm totally consistent if you look at what I said yesterday on Steve's post comments, questioning why a food manufacturer would add butter flavouring to their product instead of just putting butter in it!

I have always trodden my own path, and probably will till I die. That's why I admire Barefoot Investor - he too treads his own path!

Anonymous said...

I am a local of Franklin and have to agree that Petty Sessions has been on a sad downward spiral since we moved here. Aqua Grill was a nice little place, but their opening hours could be unpredictable.

But Victor (of Melaka) I take great offence to what you have said about the locals of Franklin being content with what places such as Little Treasures have to offer.

Many (of the more open minded, food loving) Franklin locals are not impressed with the local offerings. In fact the gaudy signage and general look of Little Treasures should have been enough of warning sign to anyone with any discernable taste in food.

When we visited your establishment, although impressed with the cleanliness and design of your restaurant, we were sadly disappointed in not only the food, but also the service. The beef curry was lacking personality and the beef itself was chewy, dry and stringy. There was no offering of vegetables with the meal, or as a side dish to be ordered. Your staff left us waiting for almost 45 minutes for our bottle of wine and when repeatedly asked, still failed to bring it in time for the meal.

And finally, when we paid the bill your waiter charged us for the most expensive red on your wine list, when we had ordered a mid-priced white. Talk about disappointment.

Anonymous said...

Poor disappointed local anonymous of Franklin. (12.56pm)

"Many of the more open minded, food loving Franklin locals"

What? All five of them...?

Not enough to sustain a business that strives to provide good quality food.

Franklin, and basically the Huon Valley simply doesn't have the population of regular diners to sustain it.

The same thing happened with Franklin Grill. When the previous owner bought it, it was transformed into quite a nice Art Gallery Cafe. It subsequently closed and is now a deep fried burger joint.

Likewise with the once wonderful Turkish Cafe. Now closed.

So instead, Franklin is now home to a choice of pizza, fish n chips and the pretentious overpriced mediocre fare of Petty Sessions.

At the end of the day, the market dictates what sort of food the population want, and sadly in the Huon Valley it's pretty bloody ordinary.

Victor said...

Hi Anon 12:56

It is with much regret that you took offense by my earlier comment. I mentioned "most" locals, not "all". Just ask around. That is why most (and I mean most, not all) eating places local in the area (not just Franklin) is nothing to rave about. If there is, people will drive from afar like Hobart or the Channel.

I do not doubt your disappointment with Melaka experience. If only I have been given the opportunity to resolve the issue at the time, you may, hopefully, walked away feeling a bit better. Every restauranteur/manager like to see a happy customer and given the opportunity to fix the problem if provided. Some places may take offense by the customer comments, but others and most would appreciate a genuine feedback.

I can relate to one incident on one night when one customer (yes, moved from mainland) was so so unhappy with the "beef rendang" but refused to explain to my staff why he was so unhappy. He came down to the pay the bill, which fortunate enough, my staff mentioned quickly that this was the gentleman. I did my best to rectify the situation and offer not to charge the dish, which he graciously accepted. His comment was that the beef was too dry. However, his wife enjoyed her meal. I did not expect to see the customer again, which is fair.

I also do not expect everyone that walked through Melaka door to love the food, the service and the place. It was not meant for everyone.

sir grumpy said...

Mind you, people before we all get carried away by things.
I will say I am surprised Franklin has anything AT ALL.
My God it is but three feet long with half a person!
I think bravery awards should be passed out to anyone with the courage or faith to plunge in with an eatery.
For this size of place I would expect maybe a fish and chip shop cum burger/pizza house and a cafe for tea and coffee with snacks.
Come on.
It ain't Lygon Street (By the way nowadays neither is Lygon Street).

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:10

Please don't patronise me. Your knowledge of Franklin's hospitality business is somewhat flawed.

First of all, as for the current owner/operator of the Franklin Gallery Cafe, I can vouch that she does not run a "greasy burger joint". In fact, she doesn't even serve deep fried food items in her shop. She offers focaccias, rolls, toasted sandwiches, a few special items during the week such as soups and pasta dishes. She also has a large selection of cakes, pastries and local organic ice-cream. She doesn't even offer/sell Coca Cola in her "joint".

Secondly, the couple who run The Samovar Turkish cafe are on hiatus whilst one of them completes a work contract in Singapore. They will be back and apparently The Samovar will reopen. It's wise when you think about it, the winter months can be so slow going.

Hi Victor,

I appreciate your explanation about how difficult it can be to run a restaurant and resolve customer complaints.

I have seen your blog and have enjoyed your insights into S.E Asian cuisine. Goodluck with whatever foodie venture you next undertake.

And Sir Grumpy, I couldn't agree with you more. Franklin probably has too much on offer for its size. I believe they all make more from passing trade than from some of the genuine "true blue" locals for whom dining out is not even a consideration.

But the newcomers are starting to outnumber the traditional locals, and those are the ones these small businesses should be aiming to attract and keep as customers.

I would like to mention the Lady Franklin Bistro for dinner on a Saturday night - it's not haute cuisine, but the prices are very reasonable and the food is pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rita, off topic but I dont think it IS Alister Wise doing the La Torta 310 in Lizzie St

Rita said...

That's what I've been wondering about Anon 9.23. Information I've received previously says not.
Come on anybody - someone must know for sure?

Anonymous said...

Here is the answer


Anonymous said...

Well Rita you aint seen nothing yet . . . wait until the new land tax bills flow though to the cafe owners.
The revaluation and increase in land tax will drive marginal places to the wall, increase food prices in others and decrease quality in most as the owners scramble to stay afloat (you need not look any further than upper Collins st a newly opened chain is calling it a day).
How any business can take a hit like some of the proposed increases in land tax is beyond me.
Watch the scramble on the water front!
Either the customer foots the bill or the owner.
What a year ... increase in hydro,landtax,rates,sewage,water etc... and the GFC.
Well at least insurance dropped!
Oh and guess what ... no one wants to pay for good quality food/service
Oh and the Banks still will not lend to Business at a reasonable rate.


Rita said...

Appreciate your tip there Anon 10.09, but it still doesn't give me the answer. Just tells me there are others looking at the facade and window of the building and wondering the same as me.
Yay and welcome back Cool Room! Where the hell have you been? Quietly sitting back and watching? Or working your butt off, and too busy to pop in and visit here?

As ever, your observations are topical and succinct, but I'm wondering who in Collins St is calling it a day.
I have been extremely interested reading todays paper about the results of the latest political poll which now includes the fallout from the various debacles the government has caused, like education, land and water taxes, police commissioner etc. Contritely, Bartlett is saying he will do as much as he can to make the public see his government is hearing the pain caused...but will that mean he takes away any of the massive changes he has made? I don't think so. It will remain with us to pay the end-user cost, which will mean, as you quite rightly predict, a huge hike in costs to us. I heard of someone whose (domestic) rent increased yesterday from $240/week to $580/week. How can she pay that massive cost?

Anonymous said...


This gov is dead in the water - no way any self respecting business owner is even going to give them a look in again.
I would love all Business owners to place on there front window a sign outlining the increase in land tax that they will have to pass on to the customers. It is time to name/shame this Gov as Robert Rockefeller (sp) said the other day.
Lets make their lives a misery !

The question to ask your Foodie friends is - "how are they going to pass on the added landtax charge ?

Coolroom - (yes I did vote for this mob - not anymore it's green first then the lib's - at least they can have a go at cleaning up the mess from the last 11 years.)

Anonymous said...

Collins st.


Try this link ?


Rita said...

I'm with you CR. Love your idea - and maybe others will take it up -I hope so. Traditionally a Labor-ite from birth, I am faced with a solely Green or Liberal vote in March. As a true humanist (look it up in a dictionary!) I simply can't vote Labor this time. TTFT, as a close friend of mine would say! (Yes, YOU, Pete!)

Rita said...

Gotcha! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Not a chain any more. 4 lunch collins was sold last year, new owners moving on.

Anonymous said...

la torta is owned by chez, ex marque iv sous chef and another guy. opening 2 weeks.

Anonymous said...


Hope the new place is good?

Anonymous said...

Rita are you certain about Krispy Creme Opening in town?

Rita said...

No Anon 1.50 - that was a snippet of gossip given to me by a few reliable sources - but they were only 90% sure, so it's possibly not so.

lemon curd said...

I bought a Thermomix.... :)

Rita said...

Oh LC - I hate you!!! Seriously, well done. That's fantastic news. What made you buy one? Have you used it yet? Did you go to the Cyndy O'Meara talk the other night? Don't just tell me the bare fact with no detail!! I'm SO excited on your behalf!

Anonymous said...

Not 4 lunch . . . closer to victoria st.

Anonymous said...

PC Bakery Cafe

Rita said...

Business that I got so excited about on being told it was going to be a Krispy Kreme outlet, is in fact going to be another Dome....damn! Rita was very happy with a KK!

Christina said...

So was Phil!!!

Old Bank said...

As someone who operates an accomodation business in Cygnet I'm glad, especially given the small population, that there are 3 places in town where we can confidently send guests for a feed.
For lunch the RVL & the Lotus Eaters and for dinner the RVL & now (with a new chef) Cygnet Art Hotel (aka Top Pub).

I haven't been to Little Treasures recently enough to comment.

Anonymous said...

this is the first time I have spoken - for many years I have watched this space - you all speak with agenda. Food is about consistently giving the true reflection of food no ego just acting upon what is infront of you - acting on satisfying yourself and your eater. Going home and knowing that you were there in the moment with no past no future - just there.

Anonymous said...

Tonight I screwed up. I confess I truly buggered a dish. My customer pointed it out and embarrisingly I agreed.
Its a dish I have made many times, it looked right, I followed the rules involved in the dish, but for some reason it just was not right. Before anybody shouts, try it first, Abelone is not something you generally munch at before serving each portion, more something you just cook and test by experience touch and look at (too expensive to test all the time) and here in is the problem.

Suffice to say, after placating the diner it still leaves me with the heavy hearted feeling of ones own screw up. The customer was both polite, genuine and tactful in their complaint. Me I'm bloody crestfallen. Its been a while since this has happened and a long while since it hurts.
So anon above, almost aptly you may say that you can revel in the moment and say that you where there, but for me if the experience was less than average,m and we forget the past then the future is bleak. We need to communicate, and my agenda is to go into work tomorrow and re cook some Abelone and nail the problem, so as others may revel in the moment, whilst I remember the past.


lemon curd said...

Saw it, loved it, took one home! But seriously, they are one amazing machine, already paying for itself, a thing of great beauty...! Having lots of fun experimenting, trying favourite recipes, amazed by how truly easy it all is. Really. Really.
I'm going now as I'm sounding a little fire 'n brimstone!!

Anonymous said...

To the Old bank sorry but I cannot agree on the art hotel in Cygnet as its true the cook is from farm gate and before devinge. Devinge I haed some Ok takeaway and the food at Farmgate when she was on was not up to scratch & vety sloppy. Friends of mine went to the hotel & said it was just OK for a pub meal that is all. Though the Velvet L and Lotus are all lovely though

Sarah said...

I endeavour to dine at a different local restaurant each Sunday in order to catch up with my family and, living outside of the CBD somewhat limits us to Huonville, Franklin, Cygnet and Port Huon. Tonight we chose Little Treasures. Having recently resided in the UK for 20 years working for a USA based company, I have accumulated a multitude of dining experiences - some good and some, also memorable, for all the wrong reasons. I am very fussy about my food, where it has come from, how it is cooked and, I will send it back to the kitchen without hesitation if I feel it is sub standard and, I am paying for it. Due to the negative "What's in the Treasue Chest?" post, I harboured no expectations going into Little Treasures this evening. Yes, the venue was small (it's in the name) and the furniture, crockery etc. didn't match (I was in Franklin not, central London) but, it was CLEAN and the chef & waitress / owners certainly didn't look untidy nor unkempt. They were extremely hospitable and, I was treated to the biggest steak I have ever seen served (inclusive of the USA) cooked perfectly rare with a garlic king prawn cream sauce and, fresh vegetables; the "New York Cut" description on the menu was more than accurate & adequate! My vegetarian sister tucked into the mushrooms with equal satisfaction.
Granted, the meal presentation was never going to be awarded a michelin star but, ultimately, we were not disappointed as both the service and food were excellent. Thus, are the only things standing between good food and service physical? If you are not bothered by these things and, want a good feed just go to Little Treasures and enjoy the Bounty!