Monday, 4 January 2010

Another Taste bites the dust

Finally got to catch up with Sally and Gordon Hammond from Australian Regional Food Guide last night for the final evening of Taste.

Sally and Gordon had had some good food, and enjoyed Taste tremendously. I, however, had an extremely ordinary pastry thing from one of the daily stall winners, which put me off any further food there at all – but let’s not go there any more, as I’m way over it!

Having said that, the group sitting next to us at our table managed to snag an extraordinary-looking fruity and creamy dessert (pictured above), which, in my excitement to photograph it, I forgot to ask them where from, and how much it was! Maybe if they read this they can tell us?

Also tripped over my wonderful friend Emily, playing the fool (professionally) and clowning around the female toilets! Love your work Em – and fabulous news about your acting job with Terrapin.

And so ends another Taste of Tasmania. Many people have spoken to me about their opinions on Taste. It is a subject that could be discussed ad nauseum, but I am quite tired with it.

Let’s hold off till Number 22 Taste of Tasmania in December 2010 and see how the new Taste goes.

Posted on by Rita


sir grumpy said...

I'd like a festival fringe, Rita. You know, like the Edinburgh Festival has an arts fringe, why not a Taste Fringe?
All the cafes, pubs and restaurants around Salamanca could organise a rival to the mains.
All those feeling left out, or the punters who can't stand the concrete bunker, could flock in and say UP YOURS, HCC.
How's about it?
The places round about could have guest chefs and temporary fringe menus.
Come on!

Lucy said...

Rita, the picture looks like it's the mixed desert plate from Island Berries Tasmania. They make panacotta and great summer puddings.

Lucy said...

Oh and Sir Grumpy, it seems that Mona Foma might be offering some interesting food this year. It starts this friday, same place...

Tassiegal said...

Rita - Lucy is right about the desert plate. You could choose 3 of the 6 or so deserts that Island Berries were serving, and they put it all on a plate with cream and something else. They were about $20 IIRC.

Anonymous said...

Sir G that is one of the best suggestions you have ever had. It would definately work as it has in other cities rouind the world. Could be what Savour Tasmania should be and what Mona Foma will fail to deliver.

Rita said...

Sir G - it looks like you're heading towards infamy if your great suggestion is taken up! I agree with you, and congratulate you. You may now relax for the rest of 2010 - you've done your hardcore thinking for the year!
Lucy and TG - thanks for that.
Anon - hmm. I didn't read the Mofo program supplement - did I miss something?

Ed Charles said...

Fringe festival. brilliant - we've been looking for a decent name for the Australian Food Bloggers Conference.

sir grumpy said...

Thanks, Rita, I was going to relax anyway, but now you've ordered me to I can shake off the guilts!
I'd love it to work.

Anonymous said...


but can anyone help with decent places in st helens srea to eat? or on the east coast?

need to find some places asap please

thanks in anticipation

Anonymous said...

Angassi, and a newish French place starting with M. Apparently very good.

victoria said...

Hi Rita

It was lovely to meet you the other day. My sister and I were very grateful for your brunch suggestions and we had lots of fun at the Taste - I took part in one of the winetasting workshops and thought it was excellent value for money (only $5 and I got to sit next to Tasmania's state viticulturalist!)

Rita said...

Hi Ed - glad Sir G was able to assist there!
Anon - glad our other Anon was able to help you there. Sorry I can't suggest anywhere there as I haven't visited that area for a few years now, hence don't feel qualified to advise.
Hi Victoria - great to hear back from you. Glad my suggestion was taken up with such enthusiasm, and that you got to sample the wines - which is what you wanted, as I recall!
Did you enjoy your stay at Hotel Collins?