Friday, 14 May 2010

It would be, so nice, if you took a holiday (apols to Madonna) the NW of Tas

Far be it from me to tell you where to holiday, but if I dare venture a suggestion – why not stay here in Tassie and save yourself all that pesky:
long term parking fee at the airport (or taxi costs), getting to the airport an hour before your plane boards, queuing up to check in, queuing up to go through security, waiting aimlessly around the airport for departure time, queuing up to board your plane, flying to your city of choice, queuing to get off the plane, queuing to get your luggage, queuing for a taxi or bus to your destination, queuing to check in at your hotel…..then doing it all in reverse to get back home! AND you’ve spent an arm and a leg in the process, which has probably gone towards paving a new highway in your holiday destination’s region!

Why not simply get in your car and drive to other parts of Tassie – like, for instance, the NW coast, where the soil is fabulous, and the people are decent, hard-working, salt-of-the-earth people who produce fabulous food, wine and products and are mega-friendly and hospitable? Where your holiday money can maybe ultimately go towards contributing to OUR state’s welfare?

The (NW) Cradle Coast Authority has a marketing blueprint which last week included a visit to Salamanca Market to spruik their wares – ie their fabulous holiday venues on the NW coast, and offer samples of their fabulous food like crayfish, calamari, chocolate covered raspberries etc.

They attracted much local interest, and, I hope, enticed many southerners to venture up north, across the border (joking, guys!) and check out some of the superb towns in our NW.

I need to disclose, in the interests of honesty, that my ex-husband is marketing guru for Cradle Coast Authority, but let me hasten to assure you that we are your usual ex-husband and wife, with me being known to his friends as “The Dragon”!

I genuinely love the NW coast, and have never once travelled up there in my life without marveling the richness and lushness of their NW soil, and wishing we had it down south. The scenery as you drive along the coast road next to Bass Strait is spectacular, and despite the Great Ocean Road in Victoria being equally as spectacular, I reckon NW Tassie has just as equal a claim to superiority.

Why not, as they say, holiday at home this year?
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lemon curd said...

What a fantastic idea, certainly cheaper than going to one of the big festivals on the mainland and one I'd say is more likely to deliver some quick results.