Sunday, 16 May 2010

Jessica who? No, not Simpson!

And apropos of absolutely nothing to do with food or hospitality, I was mega-impressed with Jessica Watson's solo sailing feat, and even more impressed with her response when she landed in Sydney yesterday and was asked about her reaction to claims that she didn't, in fact, beat the world record for being the youngest round-the-world sailor. She replied "Well I don't know what I've been doing for the last 200+ days if I wasn't sailing round the world", or words to that effect.

Well, yeah Jessica! Couldn't have put it better myself! Captain Cook probably didn't adhere to the "guidelines" either, but he certainly achieved a few things in his life too!

As many before me have said (mostly about life in general), it's not about the ending, it's about the journey.
Posted on by Rita


Hungry Jill said...

Well, on a food related note, imagine setting off for 200+ days and having to pre-plan a menu AND pack it all on board. No wonder she was tucking into the Tim Tams and oranges (not to mention "whipped cream" straight from the aerosol can) after her "delivery crew" got some fresh supplies aboard.

An awesome performance. Anyone who says she isn't the record holder is a bum (to paraphrase one R J Hawke).

Rita said...

I'm with you Jill! In a previous incarnation I was a yacht owner and know it was a problem stocking up food for a journey of a week, in a similar sized boat. I just can't imagine stocking up for 200+ days. For any human, she qualifies as a hero, but for a 16 year old...whew! She rates right up there, maybe even as high as Rick Stein....mmm, well, maybe not quite that high but certainly close!