Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Suwan Thai

Last week at work I directed an English couple of backpacking Thai-food fans towards Suwan Thai in the Galleria at Salamanca. When they returned from dinner, they provided me with a blow-by-blow description of every morsel that entered their mouths, and how delicious the food was, and how much they owed to Rita for her recommendation!

Well - I'm happy to take that last accolade, but after that 20 minute solid rave from the pair, decided I should make it a priority to get my sorry arse down there as soon as I could - so I did tonight!

Along with BF, and accompanied by number 2 BF, we three girls chomped our way through:
Salad Puk Sod (green salad topped with hard boiled egg and peanut sauce) $9
Gaeng Keow Waan (thai green chicken curry) $14
Pad Khing Tofu (stir fried bean curd & veges with fresh ginger) $12.50
Pad Talay (stir fried mixed seafood with garlic, chilli, spring onions & basil) on sizzle platter $17
Koa Kati (coconut rice) $3
and had all plates cleaned up in around 15 minutes flat!

Our decision on every plate: FABULOUS! I could see why I had been subjected to the 20 minute lecture from the poms last week!

The restaurant was bustling, the food came out quite quickly, and the service was fine. The food was spectacular. The three of us have totally different tastes and expectations, so for the meal to have produced the level of enjoyment it did, I reckon speaks volumes for Suwan Thai's chef.

Each dish had a different flavour focus, and as bland as the salad sounded on paper, in my books it was my favourite. We each selected a main dish, and shared everything. My choice was the seafood stir fry, which I rated as my number 3 favourite, after the green chicken curry.

I recommend, if you're a Thai food freak, like me, you mosey along to Suwan Thai, eat there, then return here to Rita's and tell me what you thought.
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Victor said...

That is quite a rave review, Rita. I have walked past the place a few times and never thought of trying it. I guess the location on 1st floor didn't appeal to me that much. But, I did had a look at the menu just a couple of weeks ago during my lunch time (even took a menu home to read). The menu does sound interesting, and the Thai dish names sounds authentic. Now you gave me a reason to try the place. It better be real Thai food and not localised for Westerner's taste buds.

Rita said...

Jeez Victor! You've put the wind up me now! I'll be on tenterhooks till you eat there, then I'll be pooping myself you'll hate it!
Aaaahhh! Why do I do these reviews, and put my neck on the chopping block all the time?

Rita said...

BTW Victor - when you enter the Galleria to eat at Suwan, direct your eyes upwards and you will see some sculpted swans dangling from the ceiling of Galleria - those were sculpted by my father when he was commissioned to do them for the (at that time) new Galleria building. When I went there the other night, I checked, and was surprised to see them still there.

Anonymous said...

Rita, I don't know whether it was the light or the angle or just amazing photography! But that food looks really amazing.

Bright, fresh and colourful.

Sure beats most Asian takeaways with crap food, rude staff and everything soaking in MSG!

Must get a long there soon

Susannah said...

Hi Rita

Sounds like it is well worth a try. My daughter has been there a few times, and has given positive reports (both on quality and price).

I took my partner to Plum last night - had planned to stroll around Salamanca but ended up scurrying in from the wind and rain. He was initially a bit unimpressed (the family don't call him Mr Grumpy for nothing) because after depositing the menus, the wait staff disappeared for what seemed like an age. Mr Grumpy likes to have a drink in hand before he deigns to peruse the menu!

Anyway, once the drink was provided, menu perused and order given, we settled down to a pleasant evening. Service was attentive but unobtrusive, and the food was excellent.

Fabulouse said...

I have heard some fabulous things about Suwan Thai. It addition it was highly recommended to me by a Thai gent who knows his way around Thai menus. He also has had the privilege he said of being able to order off menu.

elnewby said...

Enjoyed a beautiful meal there last night with six friends who were equally impressed by the food, service and surrounds. We will return!

Victor said...

Rita - I made it there today for lunch. Only by chance, as I was telling my partner we should eat at Blue Eye - nice day, so should outside. But when we got there, it was shut - Hobart Show Day! Why shut?? Since we were in the area, my partner suggested we try Suwan Thai after reading your review. And....our verdict. It was really good! The closest to authentic Thai food I have ever tasted in Hobart. So you are safe. I will post some photos of the food we tried on my blog later. Cheers! Victor

Eva said...

I'm heading there tonight, after making a booking based purely on a big, colored add in this weeks paper. Then it occurred to me to check in here to see if you had any judgement to pass.........
Very excited about dinner now! Mind you, am seeing a dodgey movie first, so hopefully that won't spoil my appetite.

Christina said...

Dined here for the first time Friday night and Rita we adored it!
Cant wait to get back and try some more dishes. Service and food both 10/10!

Anonymous said...

Thank you everyone here for choosing Suwan Thai. Im one of the waiting staff there and so proud of passing our food pasion to all beloved customers in Hobart. We are certainly doing our best to gain customers experiences n giving every singel patron the best food quality and service.

Anonymous said...

Still exceptional quality!