Friday, 14 January 2011

Maldinis and Tas Coffee Roasters

'Another thread please Rita' was the request, so here's a hasty but much less controversial post.....
Breakfasted with some friends on Sunday at Maldinis. Service was relaxed but excellent, food was straightforward but equally as good. (Pics above)

Grabbed an egg and bacon roll this morning from Tas Coffee Roasters in Sandy Bay, a place I hadn't entered for maybe 20 years. It was exactly what I needed to counteract the extremely strong drugs I am currently forced to take. I'm an egg and bacon roll afficionado from years ago, but todays topped them all - maybe it was the drugs, but I'll swear it was delicious! The guys working there were great examples of friendly yet efficient waitstaff. The joint has changed a lot in 20 years, and were I a coffee geek, I would definitely frequent the place.
Posted on by Rita


sir grumpy said...

Get that healing grub into you Rita.
It's great when something you've always liked comes up trumps again.
Just the other day I had crispy skin chicken at Touch of Asia at Sandy Bay.
The crispy skin was so delicious the hairs on the back of my neck stood up.
It's a couple of years since I had it but wow. Last time was at Chopsticks in Kingston and that was not good (some sort of falling-off batter round a huge dry breast of chook. Puts you off.

This one was crisp ans served with a mound of steamed rice and some sort of sweetish soy sauce drizsled, with some bok choy.
That and a mug of green tea cost around $12.50 during the lunch service.
You can get baine marie dishes here which are good when you are in a hurry, but ordering a la carte gives you loads of options.

Then it was a stroll round for some spices and stuff from Wing and Co and rolls and bread from the German bakery.
What a top little corner this is.

Anonymous said...

Phew - thanks for the new thread now that is more like it!
The Anon requester!

the fork said...

"It was exactly what I needed to counteract the extremely strong drugs I am currently forced to take"

Aaah, the eighties!


But yes, Maldini's. Had lunch there the other day. The service is excellent and the food is good.

Deb C said...

Sir Grumpy - I get the Roast Duck once a week at Touch of Asia too... very nice!

Duck Leg said...

Rita, Worth a trip to Muse in Patrick street.

I went there with a friend for lunch and i must say i was impressed.

The prices are great. So much so we didnt use that darn entertainment book voucher as it was worth the full price!

Cartouche said...

Not much to say about food Rita, just hoping that you and the ticker are taking it easy. Like a few people I could have had a field day on the last post, but resisted the urge somewhat. Anyhow, get the strength up, and I have a surprise invite coming up for you chook, I think you will approve.
Oh, grumpy, your invited too, that is if you can handle a private get together. Promise, its worth it.


Susannah said...

Thanks for the new thread, Rita! that last one was getting quite tedious.

Maldini's is a reliable spot, isn't it. And I agree with you about Tas Coffee Roasters. Regrettably I'm off caffeine for a while (it seems to be doing odd things to my heart rhythym. The quack said it is probably caused by coffee, red wine or stress. I can't avoid the stress, the red wine is essential to counteract the stress, so that just left coffee!).

I had dinner at Le Provencal the other week - first time in ages! I'd forgotten just how lovely it is.

Hope you are on the mend!

Have your taste buds revived?


sir grumpy said...

Hmmmm Cartouche.

Cartouche said...

I think Sir G after 4 years, I can be trusted to keep a secret. Good food, good wine, the very best location, a full day out, and of course the best location, life is but the blink of an eye. So tip me the wink if you are interested and lets do the decent thing.


Rita said...

Duck Leg - have noticed it, but not been there. You've got me curious now. When I feel better, I'll get along there.
Susannah - not quite as well as I'd like to be yet.
Cartouche - sounds intriguing. Bring it on!

Thanks all for your good wishes. I have just come out of hospital, again. Went in on Tues night, as I was so sick. Not religious but if I was, would be praying for normal health!

sir grumpy said...

Hello Rita, Cartouche.

Sounds intriguing Cartouche but how can I know without everyone else? Remember, I'm a techno Luddite.
I haven't even ever emailed Rita. I'm flattered you'd want me. Are you sure you are feeling okay?(!)
I do lead a cavalier worklife, so might not be able to show even if it was possible to forward details.

Cartouche said...

Well Sir G, its fairly simple, even though I too am a Luddite in this new fangled techno world there is always a solution. I will as soon as Rita is feeling better E-Mail the invite to her. You can either E-Mail her and ask for the details in private without the whole blogosphere knowing.
Cavalier worklife, ha try mine, but that said, I can be exceedingly (not mr Kippling) flexible, I can arrange and re-arrange, whats the point of self employment if you can't.

Why? You know why. We have been doing this as long as, we are I suppose part of the originals from way back. You are as much a part of this blog as Rita is, without you and your wit, it may have been a lot less fun. I'm not offering beer and skittles, but just as much fun.

One private get together, good food, good wine and above all good company, no blogging and no cameras, what do you say old chum, yay or nay,


Anonymous said...

An offer you can't refuse Sir Grumpy! Go for it. Your good self, Rita and Cartouche, Los Trios Blogamigos.

Rita said...

OMG - bring it on! I swear, no matter what state I'm in, I'll be there!

It's the weirdest feeling, having known these anonymous people for a good amount of time, and 'speaking' so regularly as we have online here, but to know that if I passed them in the street I wouldn't have clue who they really are, and they wouldn't know the importance they hold in my life.

So - absolutely full of curiosity, I hope Cartouche keeps his word, and comes good with this challenge, and that the most anonymous man in Hobart (Sir G) comes along as well!

Anonymous said...

Sir Grumpy, I will have my secret photographer there, so we can get a pic of your face so we know when you visit our restaurant to get the early grey ready!

(Infact we will get the pic in the Mercury as well... that way everyone will know who you are)

Ha, ha, ha

Only jokin

Christina said...

May I say if Sir G declines, I'm more than happy to fill in!!
Quite envious actually...

D.B. said...

Jackman & McRoss: now there's a cafe (chain)that seems to slip under the radar. Again today (Newtown)coffee, impeccable, pastries ethereal, service, polished. Always consistent, always reliable.

sir grumpy said...

We've given up on them DB. We only used the Battery Point one but its too busy. New Town is a drive too far for us.
Tourists and trendies pushing in front of you and never getting time to really eyeball what's on offer.
Shame, because we know from successful visits long ago that the offerings are great.
Reckon the German bakery at Sandy Bay has better rolls though!

new to tassie said...

I noticed today that there is a new cafĂ© in Maydena. It’s called West Street Teahouse.
The owner, a lovely lady, told us that she is open since 2 weeks and is starting slowly. She is open on weekends and public holidays. We had a coffee with cake, but she also serves lunch. We could choose from some 6 cakes, all baked by her. We had jaffa cheese cake with orange sauce, chocolate sauce and cream and a meringue with cream and a fresh apricot compote. Both were good. We were sitting outside with a lovely view on the mountains. We definitely go back if we are in the area.