Monday, 7 February 2011

Moonah Taste of the World Festival 27th March 2011

WELL DONE MOONAH........Rita received this email this morning, and I hope all my readers can make it out there and check it out on the day:

Moonah Taste of the World Festival Update 27th March 2011, Moonah Car park

Promotion has began for the Moonah Taste of the World Festival. Check out the website and facebook at and Facebook/ Moonah Taste of the World.

We are about to ramp up our promotion so soon you will see:
A banner along Main Road Moonah
Posters in businesses and prominent centres
A Festival liftout in the March edition of the Glenorchy Gazette
Radio and TV Community Services advertising
Advertisements and Editorials in the Mercury Newspaper
Lots of entries in events websites
Emails to networks
Fliers being distributed
Media interviews on local radio
And a Media launch at Nystar date to be confirmed.

Please help us spread the word “word of mouth” is the most effective means of promotion.

Important Dates:

· Saturday the 19th of February Festival information session and site tour for stall holders, performers, volunteers, sponsors etc at the Moonah Arts Centre from 10 am to 11am. Everyone is welcome if you want to hear more and ask questions
· Wednesday 16th of March 9.30 to 11 Food Stall Holders meeting with the Food Coordinator and Glenorchy City Council Environmental Health Officer at the Moonah Arts Centre
· Saturday the 26th March Festival set-up begins
Sunday the 27th March - the “Taste of the World’ Festival
All enquiries to Rebecca Essex on 6216 6361 or
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Deb C said...

First I heard about this festival and rang them for posters and information for our students (international school) to get tables together and was told it was too late (6 weeks out) for any more food bookings... what a shame they didn't advertise better....

On another note... anyone eaten at Sapa Rose yet?

Anonymous said...

I would rather go to MONA than MOONAH.

Anonymous said...

Moonah Taste of the World Festival 27th March 2011!
* free mullet haircuts
* China diner vouchers
* Bundy tee shirt giveaways
* Free prams for 13 to 14 Y/O's
* Be in the running for a fast fours and hatch's signed poster
* Famous Auction of a lock of Peter Brocks hair and a replica of his last 'Energy Crystal'
* Egg and chip race
* Face Spray painting for the kiddies
* Giant Pavlova shop Pav eating competition

Anonymous said...

Additional highlights just announced

Farting competition - first prize a carton of cigs
Free tattoos - must be over 5 years of age
Sample bags latest extra strong hydroponic hash
Gourmet fried belgium and tomato sauce sandwiches

Come and Enjoy!
Moonah has something for all the family!

Christina said...

Well I'll be going Rita, thank you for the info.It is the first I've heard of it though, even though I'm pretty local.
Agree with Deb C. Lots more involvement from local communities if the info out there.
looing forward to it and will of course report back!
Lets support this event instead of being killjoys!

Christina said...

Not just looing but looking!

Anonymous said...

LOL Anons - too funny

Anonymous said...

Moonah fumer......

bikies, boags, babes and bangers!

a nue error of norven suberbs kultcha

Tassiegal said...

I am looking forward to this. It will be interesting to see who is there.

RITA said...

Deb C - Victor has eaten at Sapa Rose already, and is re-visitig tomorrow night (I think) with Reb and I....a table full of food bloggers...glad it's not me in the shoes of the owner!

Anonymous said...

Any curry puffs?

Anonymous said...

It was a fantastic festival with a great range of food stalls and performances. Well done to the organisers and hope to see it again next year!!