Monday, 19 March 2012


Talk about devotion to duty!!

From The Australian today:

Customers shocked as meals served while chef dies in kitchen

  • by: Staff reporter
  • From: NewsCore
  • March 17, 2012 4:49PM
CUSTOMERS at a restaurant in Darwin were shocked when staff carried on seating people and serving meals after a chef collapsed and died.
The chef, Andrew Ah-Wong, 43, suffered a heart attack while working at Fannie Bay Super Pizza in Darwin.
An off-duty nurse, who was not named, said she was dining with her partner when they heard the thud of a body hitting the floor.
"He wasn't breathing and I was over there within 10 seconds of him hitting the deck," she said.
The 23-year-old said she was "disgusted" to see customers being shown to their tables and orders delivered while paramedics tried desperately to save the man's life.
"People stepped over us to get to the kitchen," she said. "They continued to serve food and were stepping over the body. I think it's pretty disgusting - the worst part was to see that they were still seating people."
Restaurant owner Fernanda Ferro said the only food that went out of the kitchen during the drama had already been ordered.
She said Ah-Wong had worked at the restaurant for many years and would be missed.
Authorities said early inquiries indicated there was no contravention of work, health and safety legislation.
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Crocodile Dundee said...

WorkSafe spokesman David Harris said agency staff attended the site and the case was now with the coroner.

"Preliminary inquiries indicate there was no contravention of work, health and safety legislation," he said.

Anonymous said...

That is so awful Rita,that poor man. It shows the level of contempt some owners have for their staff.

Crocodile Dundee said...

One of many comments on this article appeared in the Northern Territory News (which has page 1 crocidiles insteadofpage 3 girls) read:

"I know the owners quite well.Andrew was a family member.Ex son in law to their daughter.Andrew did not die in the restaurant,he died at hospital.The restaurant was closed early.There were two doctors at the restaurant that helped out.The family and staff are devastated,he had worked there for many years.The nurse is not telling the whole story as is the NT News.Of course the whole story would make it so less ``newsworthy`` wouldnt it?"

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