Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Room Recipe

Belinda Hills' exciting new venture into the world of retailing, called Recipe Room, is an interesting and eclectic mixture of home decorations (for want of a better word), and food. The newly renovated shop is at 79 Bathurst St, in the vicinity of places like Siam Garden (Thai restaurant), Bridges Bros etc.

She has only been open for 3 weeks but is already gaining a strong following in this niche market. With a background in both shopping centre management and Mothers Market production, she is ideally placed to enthusiastically present her goods in the best possible light. Trying not to duplicate the already existing homeware shops such as Habitat and In House is a challenge but one that Belinda is currently facing, and as such, doing an excellent job of providing an alternative outlet.

At the moment, I myself would go there for that special present for one of my many friends who appreciate something different, and obviously not bought at Shiploads!

She has a changing repertoire of lines, using the logic that what sells she’ll re-order and what doesn’t, she won’t stock again – a wise business move in this current economic climate, where having stock (for this read ‘money’) sitting idly on a shelf not selling is clearly a no-brainer!

I bought a lovely cook book there, and will be returning for the ankle length gardening gumboots (in black, red or green) for my winter gardening exploits.

The food component of the shop is a collection of various exclusive chocolates and sweets, biscuits, and assorted food goodies designed to enhance your general enjoyment of the finer things in life.

Belinda has sound marketing sense as well, and already has established an online presence in the form of e-newsletters highlighting various new additions to her stable of goodies.

I recommend a trip to Room Recipe to check out her wares, and see if there’s anything she carries that you fancy.

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ut si said...

This place looks really interesting. Am in HBT next Wed/Thurs. Catch up?

Rita said...

I'm up for it, young lady! Call when convenient.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Rita, look forward to seeing you again soon.
Belinda Hills, Room Recipe

Christina said...

Had a little visit Saturday morning and bought a beautiful gift for my sister. Beautiful shop and one I'm sure I'll frequent.

Rita said...

That's fine Belinda. Tried to get in there last week to buy my gumboots but couldn't get parking, so will return.
Christina - so lovely to hear from you here again. I was wondering the other day if you still popped in to Rita's Bite for a quick read!
I miss the frequency of old commenters like Sir Grumpy, Cartouche, etc and your good self of course.

Christina said...

Check in all the time still Rita, to see whats happening etc.. just havent got a lot of new things to say that I haven't already. Always check in to see whats happening though. Still eating out, maybe just not as often, and not as many new places lately. Renovations sure do drain the finances.
Hope your well and doing okay. Happy Birthday for Thursday too my friend. Hope your day is beautiful.

Rita said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes Christina. How on earth do you remember these things? I'm very tense at the moment prior to my upcoming second attempt in Melbourne for my heart to be operated on. I leave Easter Sunday, and will be there a week. Hopefully will return all fixed up and good as new! We will then need to eat together again - maybe a return to Cornelian Bay Boathouse? I have a few restaurants listed to go to when I feel better, so start saving!!

Educating the General said...

All the best for the op Rita!

You should post a call out to all the posters from the "good old days" what ever happened to Cartouche, Sir Grumpy, Nuf Sed and the 30,000 annon posters?

Christina said...

Hope all goes well in Melbourne Rita. You MUST be sick of pies and stuff by now! We'll be thinking of you and I would love to join you for dinner as soon as youre feeling up to it. Just say the word. xx

Anonymous said...

Stumbled across this lovely store a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed my visit, unfortunately like most of us money is not limitless otherwise I'm sure I would have bought out most of the store. Did go away with a couple of nice cups though and plan to go back... agree re: those gumboots, they are a must!
Ali M